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My site has delivered millions of free readings since it’s inception many years ago. I built the site as a resource for my sister & am delighted to see that it has blossomed to be the resource it is today. I designed the Tarot cards myself as I was studying their meanings. This year I added my video Tarot meanings & continued to add free Tarot readings 2 minute journeys along the Royal Road all the way to the World card. Even though obviously they can’t replace a live Tarot reading with a professional Tarot reader I am so pleased that I get so many positive comments and thank everyone who has had one & those who have shared them. Also ths year I had some requests for an update to my fortune machine so I animated my 20 something self, he is ready to reveal your card Fortune Telller Machine

Shuffle, select & reveal your card, what message is waiting for you with my Free Talking Tarot

Below is a list of some of my current Free static Tarot readings.

accurate online taort readings
–                                                    Tree of Life free Tarot reading

this Mystical process will stimulate Your mind to reveal alternative opportunities.

The Star Tarot reading is often used to explore very specific questions.
–                              The  Star powers subliminal messages in your Tarot cards

The Star Tarot reading The light of The Star powers subliminal messages in your Tarot cards

Popular Tarot readings for love
–                                       Love and relationships are explored in this Tarot reading

Relationship reading Visualise someone who you are involved with, or would like to be.

Planetary positions in Tarot readings
Invite the Glory of the Universe with my planetary Reading.

Planetary Tarot reading A spread based on the Planetary alignments

Patter of Tarot spreads Mandala
–                This Tarot reading is designed to interact with Your spiritual self.

Mandala Tarot readings free online An invitation to open yourself to the Inner Voice

 This powerful spiritual spread is used to explore specific questions
–                       Free Cross and Triangle Tarot Reading

Cross & Triangle This Tarot reading is designed to interact with Your spiritual self

most popular best tarot reading
–                                            Best spread for online tarot readings

Celtic Cross Tarot intended to spread light on all aspects of your life

Your birthday free tarot readings online
–                        The online Birthday Tarot reading

Birthday Tarot can you achieve the goals you wish to realize before your next birthday

Astrology and tarro together
–                                 Combining the forces of Tarot and The Zodiac

Combining the forces of Tarot and The Zodiac this Free Tarot spread could possibly provide your answers.

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