Halloween Tarot Reading

Halloween Psychic Tarot reading
–                                          Tarot reading for Halloween try your Spooky psychic reading

All Hallow’s Eve, it’s the one night of the year when everyone believes in ghosts and ghouls, monsters and magic, if only just a little. It’s the night where inhibitions are lowered, tall tales and fortunes told. Halloween is a quirky holiday that most of us treat as a bit of harmless fun, but it also has its roots in traditions that tie us to our ancestors, open us up to our inner selves and connect us to the all-knowing, whether we believe in one God or multiple deities, or something more nebulous.
It’s a special time of year for the psychic, intuitive or modern day witch, with the curtain between the everyday and the world of spirits and souls at its thinnest. It’s also a busy time of year, because it’s when everyone wants a reading, even if only for a bit of fun.

I built the free Halloween reading whilst living in a fabulous but spooky & haunted apartment in Istanbul, where many strange incidents surprised me and my familiars …
Tarot cards are particularly popular at this time of year. If you’ve never had a psychic do a reading for you, now might be a good time to give your inner skeptic the night off and take a small step on your spiritual journey. You don’t have to sit through a whole Celtic Cross spread with ten cards, past and future influences, inner and outer aspects and likely and potential outcomes, which can all feel a bit daunting for a new querent (that’s you, by the way, querent being the name given to the person seeking advice).
If you want a simple, less intimidating introduction to Tarot this Halloween, an ideal spread is the simple three-card reading. The querent shuffles the cards, lays them in a row, and they are read in order, past influences, current situation and future possibilities.
It’s a simple spread for a beginning Tarot reader to get to grips with too, so if you’re looking for a few simple Halloween games or activities, why not get your hands on a deck of Tarot cards, spend a few hours getting to grips with the Major and Minor arcana, and try your hand at reading for your friends?
Alternatively, use my Halloween Tarot 3 card reading. It’s set up to be fun to use alone or with friends, but comes with everything you need for a genuine reading. It has a space to set the mood and calm or focus the mind, action taken by you to shuffle and select the cards, giving the reading a genuine connection to you, and interpretations from a psychic Tarot card reader of way too many years’ experience to enumerate without feeling just a little old. (That would be me.) There’s also a moment at the end of the reading for you to have me cast a spell and send you a blessing.
I’d like to extend my personal invitation to you now to come along and try my 3 card Halloween Tarot reading for yourself. Bring a few friends along, take it in fun, but also know there is wisdom to be found in the Tarot if you are open to listening to it.

Blessed be xxx.

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