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The Celtic Cross – A Ten Card Classic

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is arguably the most popular Tarot spread in use today. This spread is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ reading & is used to give overall insight into the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of a person or their situation.

This Tarot spread is often credited to an absolute Tarot hero of mine, Paul Foster Case. I’m not sure this is actually the case, though I do love performing this reading with the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) Tarot Deck where Mr Foster Case appears as the Hierophant

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread consists of ten cards laid out in a cross pattern with the last four cards ascending to the right of the initial cross.

Celtic Cross Spread Layout
  1. The first card laid is the significator card, which represents the person consulting the deck.
  2. The Crossing card represents the immediate challenge facing the questioner.
  3. The past, events leading up to the current situation.
  4. Subconscious influence, rot of the matter
  5. Conscious influence
  6. Approaching future influence
  7. Questioners current state of being
  8. Energies & people surrounding that may impact the outcome
  9. What is expected / not expected
  10. The outcome, not set in stone, the questioner can influence how the future pans out depending on actions taken in the present.

Major Arcana in the Celtic Cross

Tarot cards are a collection of symbolic images that were originally used in card games to tell fortunes. The Major Arcana is the 22 cards that represent the archetypes of human experienc, therefore if they appear in the Celtic Cross Spread they should be given extra weight & significance.

Minor Arcana in the Celtic Cross

The Minor Arcana are the suits of cards that most people are not quite so familiar with in the Tarot deck. Each suit is comprised of 14 cards. The ten number or ‘pip’ cards & then the ‘Court’ cards. The Page, Knight, Queen & King. The Minor Arcana suits are: Wands (also known as the Suit of Rods) – Swords (also known as the Suit of Blades) – Cups (also known as the Suit of Chalices) – Pentacles (also known as the Suit of Disks). When these cards appear in the Celtic Cross Spread they are given less weight or significance & tend to represent more day to day aspects of the questioner’s life.

Your Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

If you have decided that the Celtic Cross is the spread you fancy you can either perform the spread yourself if you feel confident enough, or you can seek out the best Tarot reader for you. Tarot reading is a practice that has been around for centuries. It is a form of divination that involves the use of a deck of cards. Tarot readings can be performed for oneself or with the purpose of providing guidance to others.

There are many different types of decks that you can use to read, but there is one that stands out as the best for beginners & that is the classic Rider-Waite deck. It is undoubtedly the most common and popular deck for beginners. It has been around for over a century and it’s easy to learn because it’s so clear in its imagery & symbolism.

Choosing a Tarot reader

If you would rather have a professional interpret your spread you need to do some research & look out for recommendations. In my opinion trust your gut & go with the reader you are instinctively drawn to. My best psychic readers are shown on my available psychics page. They have all given countless readings & are in my opinion the very best readers available online today.

Check out my free tarot readings page to consult this spread & many more. A good tarot reading can be a great way to learn more about yourself and the future. The Celtic Cross is the perfect spread to take a glimpse in to your future while being able to ask specific questions and get accurate answers.

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