Scorpio Moon-Dreams and Angels

⁣Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion

Last night I prepared for this blogpost before going to sleep. As always when I have been ruminating on something I was rewarded by incredibly cinematic dreams. This morning chatting with a couple of Scorpio friends online, of course I discovered that they too had similar dreams, weirdly even crossing over with my own in… Continue reading Scorpio Moon-Dreams and Angels

Death Tarot – Renewal & Transition

transition & renewal

Then slowly moving in front of me I saw him, the skeletal rider on a white horse. An overwhelmingly sense of black, of darkness. The black armour, the slowly fluttering black flag adorned with the cinquefoil white rose. Wherever the rider passes darkness and death are sure to follow, nothing in nature can resist his… Continue reading Death Tarot – Renewal & Transition