Perfect Happiness ? An impossible dream ?

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It never ceases to amaze me the number of mails I get from people who assume that my life is ‘perfect happiness’. I really do enjoy my life with a passion & work hard to improve my day to day existence. Perfect happiness is though I am afraid an impossible dream. A life without problems to solve or new challenges to face fills me with dread. My absolute favourite thing is unravelling a reading for someone and helping them discover a new approach to their dilemmas, to redefine what they are really searching for when they say ‘happiness’. Almost every reading I give opens me up to the emotions and concerns of the sitter. At the end of every reading I make sure to take a Psychic shower to ensure that I haven’t come away carrying fragments of the challenges encountered during the reading. In ‘real’ life it is equally important to make sure that once the lesson has been learned and the experience gained, then you should thank the Universe for the opportunity to have lived through whatever the challenge was and then move on unburdened. I gave a reading yesterday to a woman who defined her entire existence through a previous relationship that had faltered. I encounter this scenario so often & it always thrills me to be able to help someone move forward. The problem is when a deep emotional attachment has been formed, if the relationship should falter then the questioner is left having to deal with many complex emotions. Often I see this form a ‘loop’ of mental & emotional disturbance that has to be accepted & closed before the person is able to open up to the possibility of a new relationship. My latest project is in development & will use my avatar spoken Tarot system, as seen in my Free Tree of Life reading, to explore the relationship spread in much more detail. Each of my ‘ talking ‘ readings take a lot of work & I hugely enjoy making them. This relationship love reading will use subliminal affirmations to empower the questioner to either improve their relationships, or finally get in the mindset necessary to attract love back in to their lives. Watch this space for details of the reading & be sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already, to be the first to know when I launch a new service or competition. Subscribe Here

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