New Year’s resolution or New Year Re-invention ?

Empress Tarot Meaning
The Empress - Know You are loved

Are you getting ready to make New Year’s Resolutions ?

As New Year approaches it is time to make resolutions as to what needs to be done to make the most of the promise of the New year. Normally I would ‘give something up’ but as I laid on my sunbed today re-dreaming my perfect future, I thought what else could I possibly give up?  Last year I changed so many of my internal programs & eliminated SOO many ‘bad’ habits. Next Year really feels like a new start, as they always do, and time to focus on the POTENTIAL. Last year was a challenge to us all, many friends had to re-evaluate their lives as their livelihood was taken from them. What occurred was not the expected ‘end of the world’, in fact all of my friends rose to the challenge & re-invented their lives very much for the better. The one ‘Law’ that has been proven to me in the last year, is the law of positivity. I have had it proven to me again, and again, that by focusing on the positive & consciously bouncing negativity away, you really can create a brighter reality. Remember a phone tarot reading can be the perfect way to unveil what roads may lead you in to your future. Here are my top ten takes on how to create the future YOU DESERVE in the New Year.

1. Be positive !
2. You are a unique individual, focus on your unique talents & the universe will reward you.
3. Keep focusing on that which you want to attract & the Universe CAN’T FAIL to deliver it to you.
4. The people who have it all are not BAD they are just enjoying their just deserts. When you feel jealousy replace it with admiration & joy, see what happens.
5. Be grateful for all the good things in life, no matter how small.
6. On a daily basis see yourself as a beacon of light sending joy to the Universe, move away from the darkness & the whingeing.
7. Accept that things will get better every day. The Universe delivers only that which you desire so DREAM BIG.
8. Forgive yourself & everyone around you for past errors, you get one shot, make sure you hit the target.
9. Strive to spend more time being ‘ in the zone ‘ enjoying the things that bring you alive.
10. Relax, if you replace your default settings with Love, happiness & Joy do you know how great YOUR LIFE will become.

Have a fantastic build up to what is set to be YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

Tarot card of the day

The Empress. The season of the Empress approaches, the earth will be reborn, potential is everywhere. The Empress reminds us we are servants of light, our path is lined with snowdrops.

The Empress is the promise of light after dark, calm after the storm.

we are living a dream, time ticks away, there is darkness, step out of the shadows, allow yourself to shine, you are the brightest of lights.

Tarot Affirmation:

“Everything around you is joy, I said. Do you know of hunger and cold, that all things must eventually pass? There was no reply though in my mind I heard: There is no death will you not live as if you were to die tomorrow?”

Empress detailed meaning – TAROTREHABvideo tarot meanings

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