3 Secrets to Unlock your Reality

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The Law of Attraction – 3 Secrets to Unlock your Reality
Mystics understand that from the darkest situations comes the most light. From adversity can come success, from challenge comes potential. Love all of it, observe all of it because they are all interconnected experience. One cannot be in existence without the other. Some of my very best psychics and clairvoyants are able to step outside of any situation and intuitively understand both sides of any situation, offering guidance that may lead the client to embrace the positives of where they are and learn to attract more of that joy and success in their life.
1st secret
Acceptance is the very first secret. First of all you’ll have to accept where you are at the moment. If you refute your present condition and experiences, you just cannot bring in brand-new situations. Your dream may be a life filled with abundance, happiness and wonderful things, but before you can make any progress from your current circumstances, you have to first learn to love yourself as well as honestly accept exactly where you are. This is the essential foundation to understand before you can begin to manifest your desires.
You probably may have heard on many occasion people say something like…”For several years I disliked my body shape, however, I suddenly began losing weight effortlessly when I finally accepted and loved how I looked”. In a similar fashion, you have also heard this from people “…after years of feeling unfulfilled with my job, I finally chose to admire and love it, then unexpectedly, somebody provided me a brand-new job that pays very well”.  One of the questions that my relationship psychics get asked on a daily basis is “My ex has left me with low self esteem, will I ever get them back ?”. If we examine that statement the first thing that stands out is why would you want someone back if they don’t make you feel good about yourself ?. In this situation you should thank your ex for the experience and subjectively start to see yourself in a more positive light, moving away from negativity and projecting your true self. Only by accepting that the situation has moved on can you begin to attract a better future for yourself and your relationships.
2nd secret
Try to acknowledge the beauty in all things. This is because there are 2 sides to everything in life – good and bad, light and dark. The side you are paying attention to definitely determines exactly what you are experiencing. In telephone tarot readings we always strive to ensure that the questioner can see the brighter part in whatever they are experiencing. If you are going through difficulties in your life, think of the beautiful lessons the situation is teaching you.
Keep in mind that, for the law of attraction to work for you, you should understand this nature of truth and reality and also understand with certainty that you can achieve what you seek out of your present condition, but only when you focus your attention on the positives instead of the negatives in any situation.  The law of attraction obliges you to shift your entire focus to what is empowering, and what is empowering is often discovered inside of darkest situations. By harnessing this energy you can begin to manifest the life you deserve
3rd Secret
Your present condition sets out the basis for what you are trying to attract to your life. Therefore the law of attraction can only successfully be applied when you appreciate that your past, present and future are interconnected. Be careful what thoughts you are sending out into the universe, as your thoughts definitely create your reality. Focus only on the things that you wish to attract as by focusing on the negatives you are sending powerful signals to your subconscious and are likely to attract more of the same.
The basics of where you desire to go is being dictated by where you are presently, therefore you must appreciate your now moments in both their positive and negative states, consciously attempting to turn any challenges to a positive outcome.

Unleashing Your New Reality
Moving forward, the very best thing you can offer yourself is start to chronicle your current circumstances and experiences. Your strategy is to submerge yourself into mastering the law of attraction in order for it to work for you. Start to examine yourself, maybe keeping a journal, especially noticing any repetitive patterns that may be limiting your growth. Writing in itself is a great healing exercise and this will definitely change your perception at a deeper subconscious level. The mistake that people make is that they think the law of attraction is like some magic cash machine in the sky. In order to make it work for you, you have to give the universe something to work with. Start today, every time you are conscious of a negative thought, strive to turn it into a positive.
I seriously hope you manifest all that you desire … all the best with everything you do.

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