Year of Transformation

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New Year -The Year Of Trasformations

The New Year Dawns. We have had the New Year’s celebrations, the resolutions, what does it really mean for everybody?  I personally believe that New Year is a transformational year for every individual, humanity as a collective consciousness & especially for our planet. For me this year will see me stepping more into what I believe is my authentic life, not the life that society, the media, or authorities would lead me to believe is my life.

I feel that everyone is questioning their place on the planet, their true purpose. I have been thrilled in the first view days of this New Year to see friends who have been feeling lost, or trapped, suddenly make life changing decisions. Career changes, relationship choices, even just upping sticks & setting off to see the world. It is so gratifying to see people genuinely excited, taking risks & grabbing life by the horns & just going for it. To really experience life, & the reason you are here, sometimes you need to just take the chance, step outside of the comfort zone.

New Year theories

You would be hard pressed to find somebody who isnʼt at least partially familiar with the concept of New Year theories. There are many threads of opinion concerning the new year, most of which relate in some way to the mayan calendar and the predictions that were made by the Mayans. People searching psychic near me often end up on these pages & a few of them have serious questions about where our world is headed after recent challenging times. Some believe that the Mayans were predicting the end of life on Earth in December 2012 while other simply believe that it will be a time of change and transition. Whatever you believe it is hard to ignore the new year phenomenon. As we head into this on letʼs take a look at the astrology and predictions that have brought about such beliefs.
There is a great deal of disagreement amongst scholars who study the subject of rebirth. Some say that the account of the Mayan calendar coming to an end on December 21st 2012 is completely false whilst others believe that it simply means it will be a time of great change and growth for human civilisation. A popular belief surrounding the dawn of a new year involves Planet X or Nibiru. The belief is that the planet will come into close orbit with the Earth and collide with it. However belief has mostly lost credibility by this point as anything so close to the Earthʼs orbit would be visible by now.
The reason these theories exist is because one of the Mayan calendars, known as the Long Count Calendar comes to an end between 21st-23rd December 2012. The mayan calendar has proven to be extremely accurate in predicting astrological events over the years so some that if the calendar stops then that means the end of time. However the calendar does not stop on this date, it merely resets to zero. The dates also coincide with a winter solstice where the sun aligns with the centre of the milky way – the first time for 26,000 years. Some say this will cause catastrophic changes to the Earth although there is no solid scientific evidence to back this up.
2012 has had a lot of influence over popular culture with thousands of books and websites being produced. There have also been major Hollywood movies made on the subject – the most obvious being the 2009 film ʻ2012ʼ. Many people treat the subject very lightly and see it as mere speculation or misinformation however there are people who are very concerned about the subject and worry about what will really happen. I think there will be major shifts that will lead us to truly follow our authentic destiny, I also believe that materialism & working for the sake of working will be overshadowed by everyone feeling driven to find an occupation that really fulfills them. Wherever the New Year leads you, I truly hope you manifest everything you desire.

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