What is happiness?

Tarot The Key
Vintage Fortune Cards
Tarot Today – One of my favourite vintage cards – The Key & the Tarot Major it connects to, The Hierophant. I love these cards, I could stare at them for hours. If only we could all find the magic key that would unlock our perfect life. What this means to me is being able to unlock whatever it is internally that makes us feel complete. No external force can do that for you. Love, Money anything you can name will not make you happy, it must come from inside.

I had a ( one sided! ) heated debate with someone yesterday about me being a psychic. I said “I don’t identify as a psychic, lots of my friends do, & that’s fine. I see myself as a Cartomancer, literally a card reader if you want to go & have a look at wikipedia”He completely ignored what I said & continued to wind himself up until we parted ways. For all I know he is still going on.

I got on my bike, came home & continued to happily play with my pretty cards.

Who Am I?

The key card from this vintage oracle is the perfect mirror for me today. And that in a nutshell is why I love this oracle on the rare occasion I wander from Tarot, it gets directly to how I’m feeling & bypasses logic completely.

Today I am struggling to be myself, I am very guilty of living in the future. Deciding where I might go, what I might do, directly at the expense of feeling where I am right now.

Cards & decks are like keys to me that unlock as yet undiscovered rooms in my psyche, bookmarks for chapters that might not yet have been written.

I have to accept that I’m not ‘the finished article’ yet. Not quite ready for my ‘TADA’ moment, still a work in progress, still just forming. 

I hope today is magical for you

Be who you are today, try not to be labelled. Unless you want to label yourself of course. Connect to that part of you that makes you truly happy, that is really all we can do.


The keys always remind me of the Hierophant, your inner teacher.

The Hierophant holds the keys to unlocking the authentic you, maybe not the idealised ‘perfect’ you, the essence of you, your true purpose.

They have been waiting for you to awaken your entire life. Are you now ready to learn their lessons?

The Hierophant is your internal voice, your inner wisdom. Your authentic journey has always been waiting for you. 

You probably often hold back from manifesting your happiness, repeat to yourself outmoded beliefs. “I’m not ready, I’m not good enough” 

Perhaps you are wiser than you allow yourself to believe?

I often treat myself to a guided meditation through my Major Arcana, my Hierophant currently goes something like this:

The light caught the triple tiered tiara. I saw two crossed keys. Oblivious to me an initiate bowed before the Hierophant, who began to speak. “The only path to truth is within yourself.  The only mystery is why you seek to prevent yourself from achieving your true potential”.  With that the Hierophant turned, moved between the pillars.

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