What is happiness?

Tarot Today – One of my favourite vintage cards – The Key. I love this card, I could stare at it for hours. If only we could all find the magic key that would unlock our perfect life. What this means to me is being able to unlock whatever it is internally that makes us feel complete. No external force can do that for you. Love, Money anything you can name will not make you happy, it must come from inside.

I had a ( one sided! ) heated debate with someone yesterday about me being a psychic. I said “I don’t identify as a psychic, lots of my friends do, & that’s fine. I see myself as a Cartomancer, literally a card reader if you want to go & have a look at wikipedia”He completely ignored what I said & continued to wind himself up until we parted ways. For all I know he is still going on.

I got on my bike, came home & continued to happily play with my pretty cards.

Be who you are today, try not to be labelled. Unless you want to label yourself of course. Connect to that part of you that makes you truly happy, that is really all we can do.

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