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Valentine’s Day. Unsurprisingly quite a few people having readings are asking the same question, “Will Cupid fire his arrow for me this year ?”. Valentine’s Day has become hugely commercial & is a really big deal for a lot of people that see it as the main chance for attracting a partner, or even better a soulmate. Is this realistic ?.

As I’ve said many times, until you really start to truly love yourself & project your unique, authentic personality you simply won’t attract the love of your life. Think about it if you are ‘acting a part’ or projecting a stylised version of yourself, people are going to be interacting with that ‘other you’ & not your true persona.

When you accept yourself completely & are happy in your own skin, only then is it possible for someone to love you as you, & then the magic can begin !.

Alone for Valentine’s Day ?

Going to be alone on Valentine’s Day ?. Rather than wallow in self pity, treat yourself to a special day, do what makes you happy. If Chocolates, a glass of fizz & a bubble bath is your thing, go for it !, Cook yourself a special meal, you are a special soul & deserve it !.

The first step to finding love is always releasing the past, any previous relationships, & saying OK I’m ready now for the Universe to deliver some love in to my life !. There are many free resources on my sites that reinforce just that. Always popular at this time of year is my virtual Lovers spell. Just for fun what this does is allow you to make your resolution & release it into the ether. If you are looking for love give it a try !

Love Tarot

Free Love Tarot reading this reading explores your relationship dynamics. Visualise someone who you are involved with, or indeed would like to be

Saint Valentine’s day, commonly referred to as simply Valentine’s Day is a holiday occurring on the 14th day of the month of February. Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for lovers to express their love for one another. Lovers who wish to show affection to their significant other on Valentine’s Day usually present their partner with gifts ranging from flowers; red roses and white roses are extremely popular, luxuries like fine chocolate or strawberries  & of course presenting them with a slushy Valentines card !. Anonymous Valentine’s Day cards are of course always good fun !. You can send  a wish to the Universe with my  Online Wishing Well who would you visualise manifesting on Cupids special day? Valentine’s Day has been popular since as far back as the middle ages. Valentines gifts were extremely popular back even centuries ago, although written Valentines greetings were not dominant until after the 1400’s. In modern times, Valentine’s Day is extremely popular in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France and other Western nations. It is common for lovers, friends and even family to share tokens of appreciation with each other on Valentine’s Day. Some people choose different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day; spending time with loved ones and exchanging gifts are the most common. Going out to a nice restaurant or preparing a special dinner for your significant other is an extremely popular way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Red Roses are thought to signify love and a sense of care for the other person, though they mysteriously become more expensive around this time of year !. Recently, homemade gifts have become extremely popular, the extra thought and effort put into a lovely homemade gift is a great way to truly show your special person that you deeply care for them. Instead of buying a generic card from a corner store, why not create a handmade card with your own unique greeting to your lover ?. Writing love poetry is perhaps the biggest and most thoughtful gesture you can display on Valentine’s Day. The aim is to truly make your Valentine’s Day meaningful to you and those you are sharing your love with, because it is a special day and a memorable way to show gestures of love to those that you care about. Remember though when your lover tells you that you should not waste your money on Valentine’s gifts, you can be sure they don’t mean it !.

Wherever you are & whoever you are with, I wish you a joyful Valentine’s Day !..

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