Attracting Love Spell, Where is My Soulmate? The Love of My Life?

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“Why can’t I attract my mate ? I deserve it. I have a lovely family, great friends, a successful career. I’m attractive, a good catch, funny, loving, so what is going wrong?” Or what crystals to attract love should I be looking for?, Is there a law of attraction love spell I should know about? Something I hear every day. The old saying goes you can have a great job, a great flat or a great relationship, but never all 3 at the same time. I personally think that is rubbish. You have to learn the message of the Lovers Tarot Card. Love Yourself first & the rest just falls in to line … People often ask me how to get the best psychic reading, my answer is be in the correct frame of mind & open to the experience, choose carefully from the psychics on offer & you are halfway there.

How do I attract my perfect partner ?

The first piece of advice I always give someone looking unsuccessfully to attract their mate is that they are projecting the wrong vibes. It’s as simple as that. When you are relaxed around friends or at home, you are putting out completely different energies than when you are consciously looking for a partner. In order to attract your perfect partner, your soulmate if you like, you have to focus on just being yourself. If you put on an act then it simply is not going to happen. And, if it does, what happens when they realise it is actually not the real you? If you are looking for a new partner, stop now and really visualise yourself happy in the new relationship. Feel the glow of contentment that comes from the fact that you know you are desired & loved. Just by making a commitment to the Universe you have put your intention out there & the cosmos will begin to conspire to bring your desire to reality. You can send a message to the Universe by focussing on love affirmations or use a simple spell such as lighting & red candle & imagining love flooding your world. Remember a spell is simply a ritual for focusing your intention on a desire.

Lovers Spell?

Is there a magic spell to revamp a relationship gone off the boil? Is there a candle combination that will reignite my love life? For relationships that have plateaued the obvious answer is that people become comfortable with each other & slip in to a routine. If you used to go out on date nights why do you not do so anymore? Why don’t you try and re-introduce a dating scenario to your relationship? Arrange to meet each other in a different environment, act as if you are still dating. This is guaranteed to inject some freshness back in to your partnership, remember the things that attracted you to each other in the first place.

Often questioners ask me how they can get back together with their ex. My first question before I even look at the cards is ” Why are they your ex ?” Often people seek to get back with a partner as they think this is the easiest course of action, in this situation you should always think very hard before trying to rekindle a romance that has broken down. What would be different the second time around?

Finally, perhaps you are looking for the wrong person. What do I mean by that? Many people who I meet chase the same ‘type’ of partner & routinely end up being hurt when the relationship flounders. The classic scenario is the ‘bad boy’, especially the ones who don’t call back. Yes perhaps this character type is exciting, but is a relationship with this type sustainable? If you are looking for love, please just be yourself, accept that the Universe is doing it’s best to find you the perfect partner, relax and be ready to be surprised.

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