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Lucky Omens

Many people around the world believe in lucky omens even if they wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as superstitious. There are certain lucky and unlucky omens that are so prevalent in society that most people believe and adhere to them to some extent. For example most people would avoid walking under a ladder if they have chance, even though they may not really believe it will bring them bad luck. Belief in omens is a subconscious belief for most people. Quite often when people search tarot reading near me they end up on these pages & many have questions regarding talismans & omens or dreams & messages. Dream interpretation has been part of human culture for centuries and continues to be passed down through the generations.

One of the more interesting omens are black cats. I am lucky enough to be a magnet for black cats, two befriended me during the lockdowns & were really great to have around. Whether you believe black cats to be a sign of luck or misfortune will usually depend on where on the globe you live. In the UK and Japan to come across a black cat is considered a good omen. Whilst if you live in the US and many other European countries it is considered a bad sign. Whilst a cat might seem like a strange choice for an omen it is somewhat understandable. Cats have lived alongside human beings for millennia and were worshipped in ancient Egypt. They were also considered sacred by Romans.

Some other popular omens include –

• Breaking a Mirror – this is considered to be a very omen and in many cultures is said to bring you 7 years worth of bad luck
• Friday 13th – Many people consider this to be an unlucky day on the calendar where they are more prone to misfortune
• Finding a Horseshoe – This is considered to be one of the luckiest symbols bringing good fortune to whomever finds it
• Spilt Salt – Spilling salt is considered a bad sign so to reverse this many people will toss the spilt salt over their left shoulder.
• Knocking on Wood – Many people knock on wood to bring them luck or avoid misfortune in a certain situation. This dates back to a time when certain cultures believed God lived in trees.

The black cat features in my Queen of Wands Tarot card a black cat in a psychic reading symbolises that just like a cat you should do exactly what you want, go with your gut.

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