The Wheel Of Fortune – The Cycle Continues

wheel of fortune tarot meaning

sThe Wheel Of Fortune.

The Lord of the Forces of Life

The Wheel Of Fortune – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


Appearance :
The mysterious enigmatic Sphinx appears above The Wheel as it spins through the vortex of time. The four evangelists, appear as an angel, an eagle, a lion and an ox, sitting in the four corners of the card, as in The World Card.
The four corners of the Universe. The sword & snake have masonic symbolic roots. Seen on The Wheel are the letters TARO which in turn link to the Tetragrammatton.

Interpretation :
The Wheel of Fortune turns, life goes on, regardless. You
can not turn back time. We must all experience all
aspects of life. Joy & sadness,  luck & misfortune.
The Seasons change, The Wheel tells you that you
can escape the feeling that life is on a loop. The card
symbolises development. You will now succeed where
before you would have failed, the wheel is in your favour.

Every turn of the wheel creates more growth, each turn
enables you to develop an improved version of yourself. In psychic readings the wheel shows that what is happening in your  life at this time will pass into something better. Allow yourself to relax, you realise the need to be happy, you see old problems from a new angle. The past will offer new clues to the present and the future. The Wheel of Fortune ensures light after dark and success after several attempts. Release yourself from self criticism, The Wheel is turning in the right direction.
Your awareness is expanding you are thinking more deeply.
You are confident in long term plans after a period of indecision.
Talk of a Holiday or long held travel plans resurface, stand your ground.
Your circumstances are changing for the better, the motion begins;
adapt to change, do not be afraid, step outside of your comfort zone.
You gain insight in to your situation, you are observing those around you & learning lessons through them.You are firing with enthusiasm, you need to start a new project, be sure to plan carefully.
You feel more stable however  you need to notice how your diet affects your mood. Listen carefully to that small voice inside you, it is hard to hear in today’s world.
Listen carefully, in order to receive accurate psychic readings you need to accept that your subconscious already knows the best path for you to take. The Wheel begins to turn for you, your circumstances are changing. Be aware that small efforts on your part now can have a spectacular outcome.


Tree of Life Path : 11
Trump : 10 – Wheel

Hebrew Letter : kaph

Element, Planet, Zodiac

Deities : Zeus, Jupiter
Animal : Eagle
Plant : Oak, Fig, Poplar

My Relationship with The Wheel Of Fortune
When the Wheel takes a favourable turn I have found that you must act on that momentum & strive to take advantage of any advantageous benefits that you have been afforded. Life is, by definition, changeable. Rise above repetition, if Fortune smiles on you be extremely grateful, do not, however, rest on your laurels. The Wheel is finely balanced, try to retain a positive outlook, visualise the Wheel turning incrementally in your favour. Remain detatched from excessive thought or emotion in regard to your destiny. Superstition should be avoided, trust in the possibilities of The Wheel, accept the power of Jupiter, allow this energy to show you all opportunities that fortune will present.

The Wheel turns, The Cycle of Life Continues…

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