Tarot – The Hanged Man – A Different Perspective

hanged man tarot meaning

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Spirit of the Mighty Waters

The Hanged Man – Meaning in a Tarot reading :

Appearance :
A young man is shown suspended, hanging upside down
from a branch. Leaves sprout from the wood.
He is suspended from one ankle; the other leg is
crossed over.

Interpretation :
The Hanged man is suspended, however he appears perfectly calm.
His time in this position has forced him to face his personal issues,
learn to live with himself and release his ego.
This card tells you that you will need to release yourself to external energies.
You must surrender, see things from a different perspective.
You can’t run away from your current commitments, you have to change
your priorities even if this means making a personal sacrifice.
You have no option but to hold strong and work through your thoughts,
to strive for the best outcome to your current dilemmas.
You will have a near psychic experience that really lets you zoom
out & see the bigger picture of your life. Pay careful attentions to
your dreams & write down anything exceptional on waking.
A message is arriving through your sub-conscious.
Look carefully at yourself, for once please listen intently to the
thoughts of those around you. You will be surprised.
The Hanged man indicates a period of unbridled creativity,
he knows that life is constantly changing.
What will happen when you are no longer suspended ?.
Think carefully.



Tree of Life Path : 13
Trump : 12 – Hanged Man

Hebrew Letter : mem

Element, Planet, Zodiac

Deities : Poseidon, Neptune
Animal : Snake, Scorpion
Plant : Water Plants

My Relationship with The Hanged Man
I firmly associate with the Hanged Man. When I was a child I would often hang upside down from the tree in our front garden. The flow of blood to my head helped me make sense of my daily circumstance. In fact even today I will sleep with the cross legged position depicted on
the card. This is the card of a man at the crossroads of life, somewhere I am very familiar with.
In psychic readings it denotes a person of indecision, I am a dreamer who cannot accept everyday responsibilities because they interfere with my sense of idealism. It is also the card of the artist or the nonconformist, again a description I recognise & accept within myself.

Will you accept The Hanged Man’s new perspective & move on ?

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