The Spiritual Power of Birds

the spiritual power of birds

Animal Omens – Really intense dreams lately, some serious lunar lunacy stirring up my subconscious. Asked for some inspiration last night & was rewarded with a fantastic dream sequence of flying like a raven, one of my favourite misunderstood creatures. Such powerful dreams I almost feel inspired to create an animal divination deck, another great idea for the Aries jobs to be done pile 🙂 I love the mocking, croaking call of the raven, although often he is associated with loss and ill omens. They are certainly cheeky, I have lost my lunch to a huge glossy one in Sri Lanka who swooped from nowhere. The raven is a chatterbox, a talking bird, its symbolism reflects prophecy and intuition. Ravens often symbolise a link with spirits of those who have passed, connections just beyond the veil.

“listen for messages from your subconscious today, intuition, on the edge of reason.”

In a psychic reading my Seven of Swords reveals the guilty Magpie & symbolises underhand methods will be revealed leaving the seeker feeling spiritually uneasy. The seeker needs to believe 100% in their actions, find a different approach to their current challenging situation. When this card appears in telephone tarot readings then the cat is truly out of the bag and we must confront situations head on in order to defuse long-term repercussions. This card warns the only way to gain advantage is through hard work and by truly being the best incarnation of ourselves, perseverance is the only solution. Honesty is always the best policy.

On my Seven of swords cards a guilty looking magpie checks over its shoulder in front of a sulphurous sky. Five gleaming swords have been claimed, though two remain upright in the ground. In the background tents reminiscent of a funfair are closed to hiding their contents. Secrets are rarely a good idea, what is someone trying to hide?

We can choose our behaviour. I have chosen today to be lazy which goes against most of my beliefs. Every fibre of my being is screaming ‘you are wasting time!’ In fact I’m recharging, wandering. It is a choice I’ve made to take the foot off the gas for a while. 

I can control my day & the choices I make. To a certain extent I can even choose to be happy. 

One thing I can’t control is the behaviour of those around me. What I can do is choose how I react to those behaviours, sometimes just walking away is my action of choice.

The sneaky magpie on this card is always looking for an escape. Today is a good day to go off the radar, just focus on being you for a while.

The Seven of Swords – go forth, manifest a fabulous time as the best incarnation of your authentic self.

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