The Six of Pentacles – Enjoy & share success, remember to plan for the future

The Six of Pentacles.

The Lord of Material Success

The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Six of Pentacles – Appearance

Golden coins fall from a disembodied hand, six pentacles surround, across an open plain a Mansion house can be seen beside a forest. A merchant’s scales appear.

The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation

When the six appears we need to take careful stock of our resources. The essence of this card is sharing and generosity, though it is essentially about friendship. The Scales in the background of the image indicate business, loans or questions of financial security. When the six appears we realise that the problems of the five are behind us, we are set to experience good fortune and success. The hand dispensing coins in the sky indicates that financial gain may arise from unexpected sources. This card tells us that it is essential we balance material concerns with spirituality and should be ready to share our success with those around us. In a reading this card always signifies that things are destined to go well, there is a hint of karma in this card that shows what we sow we will certainly reap. This card often appears when someone is about to repay a debt, giving them increased financial freedom. As with all Pentacles of course it is very important when success or wealth comes our way to enjoy it. When this card appears, enjoy the moment but also intelligently plan for your financial future.

The Six of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac :  The business acumen of Taurus and the power of the Moon.

Alchemical Elements : Earth.

My Relationship with The Six of Pentacles

When the six appears to me I know that my immediate financial future is well starred. I also know, and throughout my life am guilty of, I will be enjoying the moment with no cares as to what will happen in the future. The early warning of the six of Pentacles is to beware of people taking advantage, and of being overly extravagant. Having said that though, this six is all about generosity, and sharing without concern for what we will receive in return. The ultimate meaning of this card is a large unexpected windfall, as I prepared this entry on the blog I was told by an acquaintance of share options that I have completely neglected that should shortly come to fruition, this is exactly the sort of nice surprise that the six can bestow. Every time the six appears in my reading I know that I will be able to share my resources, be able to help friends who are slightly less off presently than myself. As I have said before a windfall or unexpected gift also often appears with this six. This card when it appears in a business spread is especially powerful, you may be able to receive financial help for a business venture through unexpected sources, again this applies now in my life as I prepare to open an online store. Whenever I turn over the six I feel a great surge of happiness as I know that I no longer, at the present time, need to worry about financial security and can focus on other aspects of my life.

The Six of Pentacles – What goes around comes around, unexpected gains

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