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Six of Pentacles

six of pentacles tarot meaning

Good fortune

Balance, Earnings, Generosity

Lord of Material Success

Golden coins fall from a disembodied hand, six pentacles surround, across an open plain a Mansion house can be seen beside a forest. A merchant’s scales appear.

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When the six appears we need to take careful stock of our resources. The essence of this card is sharing and generosity, though it is essentially about friendship. The Scales in the background of the image indicate business, loans or questions of obtaining funding for a project. When the six shows we realise that the problems of the five are behind us, we are set to experience good fortune and success. The hand dispensing coins in the sky indicates that financial gain may arise from unexpected sources. This card tells us that it is essential we balance material concerns with spirituality and should be ready to share our success with those around us.

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In a reading this card always signifies that things are destined to go well, there is a hint of karma in this card that shows what we sow we will certainly reap. This card often appears when someone is about to repay a debt, giving them increased financial freedom. As with all Pentacles of course it is very important when success or wealth comes our way to enjoy it. When this card appears, enjoy the moment but also intelligently plan for your financial future. The Six of Pentacles – Enjoy & share success, remember to plan for the future.

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