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Though I don’t identify myself as a ‘Psychic’. I am pleased to see that this site showed up in a search for ‘favourite psychic’ I see myself more as an intuitive therapist or teller of tales but am pleased to see that people are connecting with my readers & leaving great feedback. Here is a list of current readers plucked from my popular psychics page that shows psychic readers available now.

Jakki PIN: 3965 Sarah PIN: 3964 Rosie PIN: 3968 Maggie PIN: 3991 Dreamseer PIN: 4112 Sara PIN: 4046 Astrid PIN: 4055 Nikki PIN: 4419 Laura May PIN: 4199 Jennifer PIN: 4242 Isobel PIN: 4336 Elayna PIN: 1284 Joanna PIN: 4456 Tina PIN: 4375 Marrisa PIN: 4110

I am a hereditary Tarot reader with a lifetime of experience. I am from an irish background & have been around readings since I was tiny. I always knew Tarot was my destiny.  Are you ready to reveal your answers? The Tarot is a magical tool that allows me to connect my mind to yours to guide you on those matters that are specific & important to you. Do you have gut feelings & intuition? A reading with one of my readers can confirm you are on the right path and unlock clarity & insight around your situation. A telephone Tarot reading is like a book with no pages, every reading, every story is different, including yours are you ready to reveal your next chapter? I believe we need to release the past & make better choices today to manifest the tomorrow of our dreams. I am passionate about my readings, I’ll provide you with a professional and calming experience, you can call us now your answers are waiting.

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The Ram Mar 21–Apr 19 https://bit.ly/aQVb6E
The Bull Apr 20–May 20 https://bit.ly/a3QKqo
The Twins May 21–June 21 https://bit.ly/bx11PP
The Crab June 22–July 22 https://bit.ly/9GNyMF
The Lion July 23–Aug 22 https://bit.ly/cGIehI
The Virgin Aug 23–Sept. 22 https://bit.ly/deRDvx
The Balance Sept. 23–Oct 23 https://bit.ly/bRFtpM
The Scorpion Oct 24–Nov 21 https://bit.ly/bnvQy5
The Archer Nov 22–Dec 21 https://bit.ly/9kNwl2
The Goat Dec. 22–Jan 19 https://bit.ly/988aZ8
The Water Bearer Jan 20–Feb 18 https://bit.ly/9jD651
The Fishes Feb 19–Mar 20 https://bit.ly/d2f4Ua

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