The Page of Pentacles – Keep focused, just don’t get lost in the details …

page of pentacles tarot meaning

The Page of Pentacles.

The Rose of the Palace of the Earth

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Page of Pentacles – Appearance

The Page of Pentacles is an energising card. The feeling of action is symbolised by the large red flag. The Golden sky contains a hidden message, indicating that when the Page appears we need to be receptive to news through unexpected channels. The red flowers scattered across the foreground represent the enthusiasm of the Page, the lush colours suggest a grounding in earthly matters & the soaring bird tells us to rise above our current concerns & really look at the bigger picture.

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation
When the Page appears be sure to remain grounded, to remember what is truly important. The Page though fascinated by the Golden Pentacle realises that nature provides everything he needs & material concerns are really only an illusion. The Page is always a young person, or someone who has a young vibrant outlook that keeps them fresh & vital. The Page knows that finances are important & that he must plan for the future, however this does not restrict him, he leaps on new challenges with relish and is always eager to learn. The Page has a sparkling personality though those close know he can also be introspective. He has a certain duality, Though he can be flippant he is never distracted from the task at hand & takes any commitment to a project extremely seriously. He is a perfectionist & is meticulous in everything, anything he turns his hand to is guaranteed to succeed. He doesn’t mind hard work & often appears when the seeker is frustrated in their current career and is desperate to break free to face new challenges .

The Page of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

The stubborness of Capricorn is balanced by the perfectionism of Virgo

Alchemical Elements : Earth, Gold.

My Relationship with The Page of Pentacles
The Page appears to me often, though unfortunately I don’t often heed his advice & as I get older am less inclined to take as many chances. If the Page shows up I know that I must use incredible focus to pull together my natural tendency to fly off on tangents at a moments notice. In fact just looking at the card for the purpose of writing this description has grounded me & made me commit to working hard to finish this journey through the 78 cards of Tarot. It is the enthusiasm of this card that pulls us through periods of instability. If something is not working The Page of Pentacles appears to give us the incentive to finish the task or turn our focus to something that will reap more satisfaction or reward. If the Page appears & I ignore his message I know that I will regret not having acted quickly. Likewise the excitement that arrives with this card needs to be tempered by reconnecting with nature. The duality of the Page gives us the best of both worlds. When I first studied the Page of Pentacles in my first Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the intensity of study shown towards the gleaming Pentacle suggested the focus used in the art of scrying. This led me to acquire my first crystal ball & to spend many hours filtering the messages that flashed across my consciousness. Now whenever the Page appears in my reading or the reading of another, I know that hidden messages are waiting to filter through. If the Tarot is not your natural methos of divination and you are drawn towards scrying or crystal gazing, then many free psychic readings are available on my sites, who knows what may appear when the mist clears ?…

The Page of Pentacles – Keep focused, just don’t get lost in the details …

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