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Love is all we need

One of my favourite readings is for someone who is clearly infatuated with someone. Hell they may be, & often are, already in a relationship. Infatuation doesn’t take notice of anything else, it is a base force & it will take hold against your strongest resistance.

The object of infatuation is your soulmate, you are sure of it. Even though they may be completely unreliable, a bad boy or girl (personal fave). You are convinced if they were yours a leopard would change their spots, you would fix them, you would drift off in to the sunset with them on a wave of indestructible love.

Seeing someone infatuated is like watching someone under a powerful magic spell. I love it even more on the very rare occasions infatuation morphs in to love against all the odds.

Typing this has brought up so many memories, especially ‘the one that got away’. In my experience usually far better they stay as a fantasy, the reality could never compete with those perfect dreams.

The Lovers in Tarot – If this card turns for you today fall head over heels with the true love of your life, yourself. Give yourself a break, you are bloody marvellous.

Lovers affirmation

Tarot – The Lovers – Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium? Should they yield to this, the eternal love that can propel them into the light will disappear, this is the everlasting truth.

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