Tarot Readings, Is our destiny predetermined ?

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Is our destiny predetermined ?

The question I am asked most, ” Are we masters of our own destiny, or has fate decided our life path. Can I change course from what is shown in my Tarot reading ?”. I firmly believe we are masters of our own destiny, we can change or future influential patterns quite
considerably. I am totally convinced that by focusing on the positives
in the current moment & projecting our imagination towards &
brighter future, the Universe can’t help but deliver our desires.
However if we keep plodding along procrastinating, outside influences
and, even more destructive, people with negative energy will be the
dominant influence in our life.

Life is all about choices, and having the desire to change. First
yourself & then your immediate environment. If you decide to create a
brighter for yourself through self belief, cosmic ordering,
or whatever else you want to call it. The cosmos will deliver positive
people & uplifting experiences to carry you forward on your journey.

Ok, so life isn’t always a walk in the park. That is not what I’m saying
here. In fact to simply drift along beaming from ear to ear &
expecting your perfect life to materialise is not the answer. To make a
positive change, you must make a conscious decision to move away from
negativity and then make a solid plan of what it is you want to achieve.
See the time-line of your life stretch out before you in your minds eye
& begin to plant imaginary marker posts along it until you can
visualise the point where you have attained your goals. Once you have
created this path in your mind, regularly travel it, filling in details
as you go. Whenever one of your imaginary milestones is reached give thanks & really feel the experience. When this happens remember how incredible this is, something you imagined has been brought in to being through the power of your will! Like the Magician in Tarot, you have become the energy that has created something from nothing !.

Using the senses

As you create your milestones, in your minds eye, really feel the
experience as if it was really happening right now. How would you feel
when you arrive at your goal? I find the best time to imprint my goals
on my subconscious is just before I fall asleep at night. It is at this time, in this half conscious state that I drift around looking for inspiration. My free tarot readings & any changes to my sites are born here in this creative space between dreams & reality. I see myself
achieving my desire & I hold the imagined experience in my mind. I
try & notice tiny details of the surroundings. I imagine who will be
there, I feel my feet on the ground, hear the sounds & smell the
fragrance of this exciting future destination. I cannot emphasise
strongly enough how important this creative imagination exercise is, in fact when you become really good at it your subconscious has trouble telling the difference between your current situation and your imagined reality. Remember anything that anyone has ever achieved is also available to you. You are a unique soul & you have amazing energy that you can use to create the life you know you deserve.

Waking dreams

The visualisation that I described just before sleep can be used in your daily life also. You can carry the process in to sleep if you are lucky enough to crack lucid dreaming, another powerful subconscious technique to drag success in to your reality. As long as it is safe to do so & you will not be distracted from important tasks such as driving. You can replace your background thoughts, the ‘noise’ that my Buddhist friends call ‘the thousand things’ with positive visions & affirmations to really start to attract your desires in to your daily reality.

Eventually, you programme your subconscious mind to ignore the background noise & replace it with positive thoughts that make you genuinely believe that you are already achieving your goals. As this becomes your ‘default setting’, your subconscious begins to recognise opportunities & relays ideas back to your conscious mind that enable you to reach your dreams faster & easier than ever before.

Whenever you receive a truly inspirational idea remember to thank the cosmos for presenting it & replay it again again, marvelling at how you have become more sensitive to the opportunities that exist for everyone, if only they were on the correct frequency to strive forward & improve their lot.

Give thanks & re-assess

Every month as I see my plans forming & my bigger scheme evolving, I take time to assess where I have been, and then add more marker posts to my imaginary  time-line. As things begin to take shape, through persistence & determination, by using these creative visualisation techniques, you will eventually manifest your dreams & desires. Try it it works !. I know many people who have dipped in and out of positive thinking, buying endless books & courses such as ‘The Secret’ & just expect all of their dreams to magically manifest overnight. This is not the case, but I assure you if you make positivity your default setting you will be amazed at the results.

My initial time-line imagined some 30 years ago, originally saw me creating my Tarot deck, observing the symbols & helping other people see the positivity that could break them free from restrictive or negative patterns of existence. This has been granted to me, now my site gives many thousands of free psychic readings daily, giving enjoyment to people all over the globe. I have been fortunate enough to become involved with many like minded people & can now offer their services through my sites & be inspired by their journeys. As I write this I am planting some more imaginary milestones along my time-line, I am enjoying my journey & am thank full for all my blessings today & in the future. Tarot has brought me this far & is still central to my life.
I continue, inspired along the Royal Road of Tarot, I know that this is
one journey that will never end. Where will Your journey lead ?

Keep looking to the future, imprint your dreams on your subconscious
& with persistence & determination, you will attain your goal.

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