Tarot The Eight of Cups – Let go and move on

eight of cups tarot meaning

The Eight of Cups.

The Lord of Abandoned Success

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :

Letting Go

The Eight of Cups Appearance :
A figure turns from Eight stacked Cups. Behind the Cups a river needs to be crossed, the moon pulls at the emotions.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card – Interpretation :

I try to avoid the sugar coated view of Tarot favoured by many. The undeniable truth is that the Tarot covers all aspects of the human experience, certain cards simply do not have a universally happy interpretation. This card, The Eight of Cups is one such card. Whenever I am performing a reading for someone & this card is drawn from the deck I know that some emotional discussion is set to follow. In a relationship spread it usually indicates that a relationship has been suffering and it is time to accept, however painful, that perhaps it is beyond repair in it’s current form. Depending on surrounding cards there is a slim chance that the relationship can possibly recover but only with superhuman effort on the part of those who are involved. I often see relationships between people who undoubtedly love each other, it is simply obvious that they can not be together. One example is a couple I know who are both fiercely competitive, both adamantly refusing to back down on any of their ( frequent ) disagreements. It is becoming uncomfortable to be around them, & I was not surprised to see the Eight of Cups selected in one of their readings. The message is if you continue to bang your head against the brick wall or continue fighting an impossible challenge, you may eventually lose the battle or your dignity. You may as well let go and relinquish this frustration, move on to new experiences. Your ego may tell you that you can turn the situation around, in reality this is practically impossible. Salvaging the best part of relationships that are unstable is a difficult trick to pull off, though if you manage it the deepest form of friendship can be discovered.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : Saturn, Pisces

Alchemical Elements : Water.

My Relationship with The Eight of Cups

If the Eight appears to me I know that I need to retreat. It has applied several times in my life, from jobs where no matter how hard I worked & how creative I was, I simply would not be able to make a success of the task. In consultations if I am struggling with a difficult reading I sometimes perform a mini spread to gain insight as to my options. If the Eight appears I know it is probably time to cut my losses as no more information will be revealed that is of any use to myself or the questioner. I have fought the Eight on several occasions, refusing to see that a relationship that was causing me great pain was in fact beyond repair was the first time I genuinely absorbed the message of this card. This card has many meanings but all of them relate back to moving away from something that in the long term can only undermine our confidence. When I lost several friends to illness I questioned for a long time why they had been taken from me, this eventually turned to questioning why I had been left behind. Finally after much soul searching, I was able to let them go, I realised that I had been left behind as I still had many lessons to learn, many challenges to face, much more to achieve. The Eight tells you that an opportunity is waiting if only you can completely release the past, break free of emotional ties and move on. The moon in this card is shown in two states signifying that change is inevitable, if we are unable to face this fact then we are setting ourselves up for disillusionment. When this card appears I now accept that something is coming to a close,  I have to say goodbye & move on. There will be emotional upsets to face, though ultimately the change will be of benefit.

The Eight of Cups – Accept that something is over, let it go & move forward to a brighter future.
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