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Looking for Love ? Tarot cards and spreads for relationships …

Whenever any one approaches the Tarot with a Love question, inevitably they are hoping for the Lovers card. In fact any of the 78 tarot cards can relate to Love in your readings, the twos representing union, especially the Two of Cups, in the suit of emotion and The Two of Wands representing synchronicity. Many other cards are good omens in a reading regarding love & relationships, The Ten of Pentacles, or harvest home card, is a powerful card indicating a long standing union. The Hierophant can indicate formal organised relationships so is a good indicator in a spread relating to weddings or engagements. My personal favourite in any Love spread is the Ace of Cups, representing the very root of the suit of emotions, the purity of spirit indicated by this Tarot card.

Which Tarot Spread for Love answers ?

The answer here is any Tarot spread can be viewed from a Love & relationships point of view. Here in no particular order are a list of my Top Ten favourite Tarot spreads, Free versions of all these spreads, including my animated Talking Tarot are available by clicking on the name of the spread or visiting my Free Tarot readings Page.

Top ten Tarot spreads :

Free Celtic Cross Tarot Reading – Click Here
Undoubtedly the most popular Tarot Reading Spread in use today and perfect for relationship & love readings. It is intended to shed light on all aspects of Your life.
Try my Free Animated Talking Tarot Fortune Teller Machine reading. Or, one of my most popular spreads, Free Talking Tarot – Choose your Card 

Free Tree of Life Tarot Reading
The Tree of Life UK Tarot reading uses the central diagram of Kabbalah to explain & investigate your life path. This Mystical process is thought to stimulate Your mind to reveal alternative opportunities for you to explore.
Free Star Tarot Reading
The Star Tarot reading is often used to explore very specific questions. The light of The Star powers subliminal messages in your Tarot cards that could attract abundance and possibility.
Free Planetary Tarot Reading
The Planetary alignments in this Free Tarot Reading will yield insight into a number of different aspects of your life. Often combined with Horoscopes, this spread can open your mind to the posibilities in your Universe Click here to try the planetary reading.
Free Astrological Tarot Reading
Each Tarot card is read in relation to each astrological house. Combining the forces of Tarot and Horoscopes this Free Tarot spread could help provide your answers.
Free Mandala Tarot Reading
This Tarot reading is designed to interact with the patterns of your life. Each image connects with you symbolically at the deepest level to reveal directions you could follow. The mandala is a sacred art form & it’s patterns can be interpreted to reveal a myriad opportunities.
Free Cross and Triangle Tarot Reading
This powerful spiritual spread is used to explore specific questions concerning the directions in your life. Inner potential & love, partnerships and relationships can be revealed with this Tarot reading.
Free Birthday Tarot Reading
Imagine the perfect you 12 months from now, can you see how you would look ?. Unleash the positive energy of your imagination to achieve the goals you wish to realize before your next birthday with this inspirational Tarot reading.
Free Relationship Tarot Reading
Explore the dynamics of your relationships by using the popular Free Relationship Tarot Spread. Visualise someone who you are involved with, or would like to be, before Your cards will be revealed.

I hope these Tarot spreads inspire you … Paul

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