The Five of Cups – Move past disappointment

five of cups tarot meanings

The Five of Cups.

The Lord of Loss in Pleasure

The Five of Cups Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Five of Cups Appearance :

Five cups are depicted in front of a thunderous sky, three have spilled their contents, 2 still remain upright in the background a bridge leads across a
calm river to an ancient castle.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card – Interpretation :

This relates to ‘don’t cry over spilt milk’ when the 5 of cups appears we must always accept that if a scenario seems bleak there is always the hope that we can salvage the best from what is left. People who continuously ‘look on the bright side’ or who visualise their cup half full rather than half empty do seem to have a better run of luck than those who always expect the worst. In a psychic text reading the 5 is an uncertain number, it’s position in the suit gives the impression that things could go either way. The 5 symbolises that we are regretting previous actions or indeed feeling a real sense of loss. Emotions are high in the suit of cups & we must always remember to see the situation from a balanced perspective. With the five it is almost too easy to think that we can epect a run of bad luck when in fact the underlying message is that we should count our blessings. When the five appears what have we actually lost?, What can we save?, how can we maximise on what is left in order to lift ourselves out of this challenging period. Often when this card appears in readings for clients they do not even accept that there are still two upright cups, they refuse to see that there is still reason to continue with whatever has thrown up this card. The stormy clouds will clear, we will notice the remaining cups & we will make it across the bridge where we can reassess our life, salvage what we can, learn our lesson & move on.

The Five of Cups Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : Scorpio, Mars, Aries

Alchemical Elements : Water.

My Relationship with The Five of Cups

In telephone tarot readings the 5 is a wake up call, apart from when I drew the card today to write this entry the last time it appeared I was confused as to the message that was being offered to me, it was surrounded by other dark cards. It appeared in the short term future of a spread I had laid for myself. I realised the meaning when my computer was stolen & my back up computer fell victim to a spilt glass of wine, irrecoverable damage occurred, very apt when you consider the message on the card. My immediate response was, what is the point as all of my information for my site, photographs, documents, bespoke programmes had all been lost. Eventually when I had pulled myself back from the gloom I managed to slowly rebuild a new machine with fragments recovered from various drives, cds, online, phones etc. So a situation that seemed desperate, although annoying, was not quite as disastrous as I at first anticipated. In fact I ended up with a shiny new computer that fits my lifestyle perfectly. Needless to say that machine backs itself up automatically very regularly & I would strongly recommend this is a habit that you develop right now.
When the Five of Cups appears to you remember not to focus on the negative, look on the bright side, make it a habit to see the good in everything. When the clouds have cleared & you look back, you will see that by having a positive outlook you really can attract more joy in to your daily existence.

The Five Of Cups, something has been lost, regret overwhelms, what remains to be salvaged ?

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