Tarot for the New Age of Aquarius

Major Arcana affirmations
The deck features 78 cards consisting of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards.

The Oracle for Our Changing Times

Tarot is everywhere. From pick-a-card readings on Youtube to a community of enthusiasts on Twitter, it has officially made a comeback. As a new generation takes up oracle card reading and spiritual practices, we are entering into a new day where divination is no longer niche but mainstream. 

What Is Tarot?

Tarot is a pack of fortune-telling cards that are used as a divination tool during readings with clairvoyants. The deck features 78 cards consisting of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana cards denote any major life changes or significant events that are on the horizon while the minor arcana signifies the day to day moments in our lives and they highlight the subtle details that help readers to understand the meaning of the cards. Understanding Tarot Cards seems daunting at first, if they grab you however they very quickly begin to weave their story in to your subconscious

Tarot is for everyone. Whether you’re old or young, a novice or an expert.

In a deck of Tarot cards, the minor arcana are also divided into suits. Just as you would have clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds in playing cards, Tarot has pentacles, cups, swords and wands.

Pentacles: This represents wealth, finances and anything relating to money or material possessions.

Cups: Our emotions, intuition and creativity and depicted in this suit. It can also shed light on our relationships and connections with others.

Swords: Any challenges, changes or conflicts that we may be facing are portrayed in the swords suit. It is masculine and is related to force and taking action.

Wands: The energy that we emit, our spirituality and our passions are characterised by the suit of wands. It can mirror back to us what is in our consciousness.

Tarot in the Modern Era

In an ever confusing world where we are facing more demands than ever before many are turning to Tarot. Long gone is the ‘woo’ image of witches huddled around a table with Tarot cards, plotting your doom. Today, we are seeing more young people jumping on board and taking control of their destinies. 

We have entered an enlightened era where spirituality, wellness and positivity are celebrated. Oracle cards are also making headway as they help people to work through pitfalls of modern-day life. It offers a support system in a world that doesn’t seem to stand still.

Every day we are seeing more and more people struggling with their work and life balance. Their attention is stretched between their partner, children, job, friends, health, politics… the list goes on. It has become harder than ever to switch off with a variety of different aspects that make up our lives.

Not to mention, the effect of social media. Young professionals are trapped in a web of internet culture where they face pressure to look and act a certain way, earn a good salary and keep up with the Joneses. The need for mindfulness, balance and spiritual progression is higher than ever.

Tarot offers insights and advice that can help this new generation to slow down and heal. When the future seems so uncertain, Tarot offers us a lifeline that can offer support and comfort when we need it most. As the world is constantly shifting, Tarot has kept up throughout the times. From the 1400s when the concept was first created, to the present day – it continues to be an asset.

It has worked its way into the mainstream culture of millennials and gen z. Esoteric activities and tools have created quite an impact on young people as they discover its power, and Tarot is no different. It has created a wave of loyal followers who invest their energy into discovering their highest level of potential.

Tarot is more than just fortune-telling, it is an art form. Readings can show us sides of ourselves that we had kept hidden. They can show us what blockers we have and how we can resolve them. Using Tarot is like opening a gateway to self-development.

Is Tarot the New Counselling?

Every form of therapy has its place, whether it’s holistic or otherwise. Tarot has proved this to be the case as it can create positive changes in people, provide guidance on how to handle certain circumstances and it offers emotional clarity.

Just as yoga can be used to create wellbeing in the body and mind, Tarot can also do the same. It has a variety of benefits such as:

  • Mental clarity
  • Peace of mind
  • Better decision making
  • Insights about our physical health
  • Identifying areas of improvement

When you are contemplating which direction to go in, a Psychic Tarot Reading can show you the way. It has the ability to draw a map that will lead you to the positive outcome that you want. The guidance that it offers is from the spiritual realm, and so the foresight that it has is accurate and useful.

For the new generation of Tarot lovers, it gives them respite from the hectic world. Where their parents may have gone to counselling in their time of need, they will reach out to a clairvoyant. Times are changing and as the Age of Aquarius is upon us there will continue to be these shifts towards a more spiritual approach to wellness.

In the past, using Tarot as a way to solve your problems may have seemed unorthodox. However, the internet has given us access to information that has helped us to gain a better understanding of how it works. Education is key, and so as we explore more about ourselves we turn to practices like Tarot.

Our needs, mental health and spiritual growth are taking precedence as we navigate through modern life. No longer are we allowing our needs and wants to take a backseat. We are claiming our true potential and confidently stepping into who we are in this new generation of wisdom.  


Tarot is for everyone. Whether you’re old or young, a novice or an expert. This is an exciting time of change where we are consciously working to become better versions of ourselves. Together, we can help awaken those around us and offer help and guidance with the power of Tarot.

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