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What actually is real Astrology ?

A group of systems, beliefs and traditions that believes that the positions of stars and other celestial bodies can give information about personality and human affairs is called astrology. Some feel that it is a symbolic language or a form of divination.  It is even considered an art form by some.  A person who practices astrology is called an astrologer. In a psychic tarot phone reading some of my clairvoyants use astrology to inform their readings, obviously only if the client asks for astrological confirmation. They believe that the positions and movements of celestial bodies can directly influence life on Earth.  In other words, these positions and movements can aid in interpreting past and present events as well as in predicting the future.

The history of astrology has been traced back to ancient Babylonia in the third millennium B.C.  This is the ancestor of the Western branch of astrology.  The other branches are Indian and Chinese or East Asian.  In ancient Babylonia, it provided a way for the priests to determine the will and intention of the gods.

In later years, Egypt came under Greek influence and rule and horoscopic astrology first appeared.  The Greeks contributed the horoscope, which related the position of the stars and planets at the time of birth to the future of the individual.  They perfected this system to such detail that later ages made only minimal additions.  The Greek astronomer and astrologer Ptolemy laid the basis of Western astrology.  The planets, Houses and Signs of the zodiac were organised and their functions were determined is a way that has changed very little over the years.

In the first half of the twentieth century, astrology had a great surge of popular interest in the United States.  Evangeline Adams, a very popular astrologer based in New York City, had many accurate forecasts.  As the country entered into the first world war, there was heightened interest in this subject.  The media pounced on this phenomenon and began to publish astrological forecasts in newspapers.

It is interesting to note that some very famous people who believed in their horoscope and their astrological signs.  Nostradamus became famous for the publication of his series of prophecies based on the positions of the celestial bodies. Napoleon, Wallenstein, Chaucer and Milton were all involved in astrology.  Shakespeare mentions it in King Lear  There were also some very famous people over the years who were strong opponents of astrology.  Augustine, Cicero, Savonarole and La Fontaine were all very distinguished men who denied stellar influences.

Whether you are a proponent or opponent of astrology, it is a fascinating subject to learn about.  There are many scientific connections with most of the sciences, including mathematics and medicine.  Many ancient astrologers actually made genuine discoveries about the nature of the universe that credited them in later years with overturning the old astrological order.

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