Tarot as Therapy, How Can Tarot Trigger Potent Transformation?

tarot therapy

Healing Tarot.

I have had therapy, I remember being surprised when my therapist suggested using Tarot as a springboard to unravel my story. Quite rightly they realised that I spent most of my time, and related most strongly to The Tarot, it was a no brainer.

The archetypes are the perfect way to investigate someones life, a way of understanding the different energies and aspects that are present in our lives. You can explore all of the tarot archetypes as well as the court cards & all the suits by visiting my Tarot meanings page.

The Empress for example is the mother archetype. She is nurturing, caring, and provides for her family. The Emperor is the father archetype. He is strong and protective, like a father figure to his family. These are obvious archetypes with direct relevance to people & situations in everybody’s existence, there are many more, the Lovers for relationships for example. Then there are the more esoteric connections that explore our place in the Universe, The Magician can reveal our unique skillset or the ‘magic’ we bring to the world.

Tarot as a tool in Psychotherapy

Tarot cards are often used in therapeutic storytelling. This is where the therapist will ask the patient to choose a card and then use it as inspiration for a story. The story is then told to the patient and they are asked how they felt while listening to it.

Tarot as a guided meditation

A therapist will often use a Tarot card as a doorway to lead to a specific guided meditation designed to focus on a specific area of someones life.

Tarot cards have been used for centuries as a tool for guided meditation. The cards are laid out on the table and then the person chooses one they are drawn to in order to find guidance or insight.

Tarot cards can be used to create a highly personalised meditation experience by choosing a card that represents what you want to work on. The cards can also be used for journaling, as they help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Tarot is very powerful when used in therapy to heal the patient. The cards can be used to work on different aspects of the patient’s life, such as their relationships, career, and health. The mystical & magical aura that surrounds Tarot often magnifies the therapeutic experience though Tarot holds no actual magic in the painted pasteboards. The magic happens between the sitter & the reader, or in this case the therapist.

Tarot for Self Care

Tarot is a spiritual practice that has been used for centuries. It is a way to journey inside, to connect with yourself, the universe, and your higher self. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards that are divided into two parts, 22 major arcana cards that deal with the big life experiences and the 56 minor arcana cards that deal with the day to day & less challenging aspects of life.

A classic Tarot card reading will not tell you what will happen in your life but it will give you insights into your own life path and how you can best achieve your goals and desires. Why not try a free tarot reading online now to see what is revealed?

Tarot card readings can be done by yourself or with the help of a professional Tarot reader either in person, a tarot reading over the phone, or a psychic reading online. There are many different types of tarot card reading spreads and methods for interpretation, depending on what people want to investigate about themselves and their future.

Tarot for mental health

Tarot is not a replacement for therapy, though it can perfectly complement it. Tarot is now regularly used as a form of talking therapy to help people with mental health issues alongside other more traditional methods. It can often be a ‘neutral’ bridge between the sitter & the person performing the therapy as there is no direct challenge, questions are channeled through the cards.

Tarot therapy can be done in many ways. Some people will write down what they want to talk about before they do the reading and then talk about it with the reader afterwards. Others will just do the reading and then talk about what came up during the reading with their therapist or psychologist. Tarot can also be used for self-therapy or self-discovery, by doing readings on oneself and reflecting on how it applies to one’s life and mental health journey.

The bottom line

Tarot, like any other therapy, can only help if you are open to the experience. If Tarot goes against your beliefs, you are sceptical or simply not ready to explore shining a light on yourself & your life then perhaps the exercise is not for you.

Tarot is a tool that has been proven to help people with their mental health. Tarot therapy is a therapeutic process that can be used to help people in different areas of their lives if they are open to the experience. The cards also have different meanings and messages for each person who interacts with them making Tarot therapy a unique & powerful process for anyone who engages with the cards.

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