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Having returned from a 2 year jaunt around the middle east the hardest thing to accept is that I am still here waiting for me. What do I mean ?, well I have realised that though I can travel through different cultures & have endless experiences, unless I allow these stimuli to change my perception of the Universe, I will always essentially lead the same life. For example 2 years ago when I stepped in to the crowded misery of the Hammersmith & City line, listening to the inevitable announcement of ‘ Severe delays are affecting this line, a good service is operating on all other lines’ , ( Yeah Right ! ) . I would have been consumed with rage & immediately started to panic as I saw my appointments spiral out of control. Now, however, having experienced economy flights out of Lahore with serious food poisoning, the tube is a dream !. People were literally backing away as I smiled away saying ‘Good Morning’  randomly to complete strangers. I hope this optimism stays with me as I try to repatriate myself & get used to the rhythm of London once more. The message of this post is really that the ONLY thing you can really change is YOU !. Co-incidentally, I gave a reading to a lady this morning & this was the overwhelming message of her chosen cards. Everything was the fault of her boss, her ex, the weather … she was refusing to take any responsibility for her thought process attracting negativity in to her life. When she turned the Death card ( always fun to watch the questioners’ reaction when that happens ). I was tempted to say OK, if the grim reaper is coming for you tonight would you actually enjoy the remainder of your limited time here ?. Or will you just continue to blame the Universe for conspiring against you ?. In fact the meaning of her card was that her only course of action was to finally end her negativity fest & continually challenge her outlook until she felt her luck change. And you can be sure it will. Common sense really but the most difficult lesson to learn.

I am working hard on my readers service & getting great comments. The Psychic text line is increasingly popular. The USA line has had some teething problems but is now operational. I am busy recording the prompts for my Australian service & soon hope to have my call back service up & running. You will be able to have a reading & then call back a normal rate line to hear your reading again, great as I know a reading is often difficult to absorb first time.

A big thank you to all my readers who work hard to make my Psychic readings inspirational, accurate & great value for money. My most popular readings can be found on the dedicated live reader page Clairvoyants & Psychics. Honest, incredibly focused passionate readers are waiting to give you a fabulous reading that will leave you feeling empowered & ready to move your life up a gear.

Keep looking to the future.

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