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Undoubtedly the biggest life lesson I have learnt is the law of Karma, and, believe me,  I am still learning. I now know without a shadow of doubt that every action we perform, every thought we release to the Universe shapes our future & returns to create our reality. I work on a daily basis with people who simply cannot get this concept in to their minds, until you accept the Law of Karma as a real force you are destined to make the same mistakes over & over, it is as simple as that. Recently I was ‘wronged’ quite seriously by someone who was trying to undermine me by using some really undesirable tactics. It was brought to my attention by an acquaintance of mine who was astonished that I was able to ‘forgive’ the person involved. “What on earth are you going to to do ?” I was asked. I replied that I had been here before & was old enough & ugly enough to know that the ONLY course of action was forgiveness. In fact the next time I met the perpetrator I did greet them with open arms & tried REALLY hard to emanate love & joy.

I give many readings that involve working with someone to release wrongs that have been perpetrated ( real or imagined ) by ex partners, colleagues or family members. The absolutely best feeling is when you know that you have enabled someone to understand their past, forgive the other party & move in to what is always a brighter future …

As a race of (mostly) intelligent beings we are of the mind that if you go around doing harm to others, harm will at some point come to you. That in essence is karma. Of course it works both ways, a life spent helping others will see you receiving support and kindness from those you have helped in return.

I suppose its like living with a spiritual set of consequences, if you live this life filled with hatred and violence towards others then it makes sense that as a consequence your next life should be filled with all of that negativity directed at you in some way. But what a thought! If every ill deed in this life is going to come back at us in the next, what can we do to avoid it?

There is a process called ‘Karmic Cleansing’ where all of that baggage carried around by us, which may be attracting unwanted attention in this life, can be worked through, accepted and cleared.  Its not a process to be entered into light heartedly, it may be that you have energy there that is raw and filled with pain, but is it worth carrying it around with you from life to life ?

If you are looking for answers to some of life’s questions, or how to move on from difficult past situations that are holding you back, why not talk to one of my premier selected UK experienced psychics who are trained to give enhanced karmic pychic readings ? Let them help you move your life forward.

One of my favourite Clairvoyants who is particularly good at releasing seekers from negative experiences is Maggie :

Recent feedback for Maggie:  Maggie was awesome, her accuracy was astounding. She picked up on scenarios that were unknown to anyone else , PHENOMENAL. A talented and highly experienced predictive clairvoyant, Maggie has helped many people to move on from difficult situations by uncovering the root causes of their problems and showing them how them to get rid of the negative energies that are holding them back.
Strongly intuitive and very understanding, she is also an astrologer
and Tarot reader. If you can get a reading with Maggie she comes highly recommended …

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