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Fresh back from the Isle of Avalon & my crystal quest continues, I was drawn to Labradorite that is said to focus Psychic abilities & create abundance. Now that I have started to feel the benefits of crystal therapy I am increasingly drawn to items that I can wear on my person that have a specific vibration. Famed for it’s magical abilities & the ability to transform darkness into light, Labradorite has long been on my radar, though I hadn’t yet found the perfect example to add to my collection. I consulted my trusted Tarot deck I knew that now was the time to hunt down my magical friend. Having spent time with my siblings, a sister who is completely open to any New Age phenomena &  brother who could not be less open, I chose Saturday to trawl the alleys of Glastonbury, searching for the specific piece that spoke to me. After a little research I really wanted something that would compliment and augment the moldavite ring which had such a powerful affect on my life. (My moldavite experience is in this blogpost (click here). This time I was drawn to a silver & gold ring holding a dark stone carved in to the shape of a scarab beetle. Later that evening at dinner ( with my non believer brother ), he kindly said that my new friend looked like a ‘wine gum’, however previously in the Glastonbury shop, as the sun caught the stone, on an unusually hot October day, I was captured by a blue flash from deep within the stone. As the knowledgeable shop owner showed me the ring he mentioned that the stone in this ring was Labradorite, a hard stone that did have flashes of luminescence and hailed from, among other places, Madagascar. When he mentioned to me that Labradorite had an affinity to Moldavite, enhancing magical transformation, I was sold, & left proudly displaying my new acquisition to friends & family.

After a superb lunch listening to the uplifting sounds of a fabulous brass brand drifting through the sunshine, I was drawn to return to the store to find out more about my latest impulse purchase whilst a friend was perusing an item he had admired earlier. The knowledge of the shopkeeper was amazing & from my notes this is what I gleaned about Labradorite.

The key purpose of this stone is to enhance magical development, offering protection and enhancing any positive affirmations. Affecting all chakras this stone is perfect for breaking repetitive patterns of destructive behaviour & for accelerating psychic development, especially Clairvoyance & work of the inner journey on the self. The shopkeeper (who had by now taken on almost Shamanic qualities to me after some seriously interesting flashes of intuition ) told me that the interaction between my new Labrodite purchase and my original Moldavite ring would prove interesting, for sure.

As I write this refreshed and revived after a whirl around Glastonbury, the magical Tor, clattering through the countryside towards London. It has dawned on me that my journey into crystals, New Age techniques and other worlds has been raised a notch. I think it is time for another session of acupuncture & meditation, possibly Tai Chi. How will these new experiences interact with my lifelong study of Tarot ?, we will shortly find out, having placed my new purchase on my third eye and my oldest trusted Tarot deck, I think this ring is set to stay on my finger for a very long time to come …

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