Full Buck Moon
A Full Moon occurs when the moon is opposite to the sun. These opposing mysterious forces can influence your life and can lead to internal tensions such as between what you want & what your soul needs.

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Moon in Aquarius, don’t isolate, don’t let logic & the funfair of your mind disguise how you are feeling. Scroll down to see how this moon will affect your zodiac sign.

Reach out today, love & be loved. You are shining as your authentic self, you need to feel the feels right now even if the emotions are so close to the surface it gets unbearable at times.

This can be a lonely aspect, embrace your weirdness & share it with those close. A connection needs to be reestablished or strengthened. We are emerging in to a new reality changed forever. Which connections that previously fuelled your soul  need revisiting?

How the Aquarius Moon Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Each Sun sign will feel the effects of the Aquarius Moon slightly differently. All zodiac signs will be experiencing a sense of completion or ending in some way or the other, but the specifics will vary according to which solar house the Full Aquarius Moon falls in for each zodiac sign. Some signs will also deal better than some with the particular emotional aloofness of the Aquarius Full Moon.

Aquarius Full Moon for an Aries (March 20 – April 19)

Take an objective look at your friendships and your social life. Are you spending your precious time with people or groups which no longer resonate with your soul purpose? The Aquarius Full Moon is your chance to cut these ties and to hunt for more meaningful relationships. 

Aquarius Full Moon for a Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your ethics may be tested during this Full Moon period, especially at work. Try to keep your working life and your personal life separate, so that you can make practical decisions when you are under pressure. Be extra careful that your career does not take over your whole identity.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Some events may prompt you to question your beliefs or your faiths, perhaps in a very public way. Try to stay calm and avoid overthinking this strange situation. It is OK to adapt and to change your views and thoughts as things change around you. Don’t allow other people to label you or define you as something you are not.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Cancer (June 21 – July 21)

The Aquarius Moon may highlight an emotional and strange situation that’s caused you great angst. If you are facing a difficult problem, peace of mind will come through acceptance. Trying to find a logical way through a minefield will fail – it’s essential instead to react with instinct.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Leo (July 22 – August 21)

This Full Aquarius Moon shines from your relationship zone, highlighting the importance of oneness with your life partner. Investigate your karmic links together or find a path of putting your sweetheart’s needs above your own needs for a while. Look for unconventional relationship ways that may involve technology.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Virgo (August 22 – September 21)

You have spent so much precious time trying to save the world that you have forgotten to only save yourself. The Full Moon reminds you that you probably need rest, recuperation, and some self-care. Focus on your wellbeing for some days. You cannot properly care for the whole planet or those around you unless you’re mentally strong yourself.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Libra (September 22 – October 22)

This can be a highly creative and innovative Full Moon for you, boosting your imagination & idealism. It’s the best time to highlight a cause you probably believe in, perhaps through artwork or music. Use your valuable skills to connect stark facts to your emotions that move others.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

During the Full Moon, your Scorpio needs for some sort of privacy may become intense. Spend some of your time alone if you can, and delegate family responsibilities and other works for a day or two, if possible. You need time to get your emotions back on an even keel.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Sagittarius (November 22 – December 20)

This Moon harmonizes extremely well with the Sagittarius urge to speak the truth – so you should probably do just that. Tell others uncomfortable truths. It may not make you very famous for a day or two, but fundamentally you’ll be doing others a favor, & they will, eventually, appreciate that.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Capricorn (December 21 – January 18)

A mini financial crisis during this Full Aquarius Moon could be a blessing in disguise. Any such kind of event will help to soften the Capricorn focus on materialism and will remind you exactly how fortunate and blessed you truly are. Reflect on your relationship with money & learn to value the less tangible blessings around you.

Aquarius Full Moon for an Aquarius (January 19 – February 17)

A Full Moon in your sign is always important and for you, this reflects a need to put yourself front & center. You may feel more assertive than usual – good! Use this assertiveness to remind other people that you have boundaries too and that you are not just there to help them.

Aquarius Full Moon for a Pisces (February 18 – March 19)

Pisces is always a spiritual zodiac sign, but with this Full Moon activating your spiritual zone, you can expect to enjoy some very vivid dreams or psychic interludes. This is a very good time to explore your mediumistic qualities or to look into the wisdom of our ancestors.

Important Tips to help you mentally prepare and get through this Full Moon:

Meditate Daily

Even if you only take 5-10 minutes before going to bed to sit down, relax and close your eyes. That’s enough for your mind & body to rest and recover after a long and hectic day of impressions. So sit down, turn on soft music & close your eyes. Focus on your breath – feel how the air passes from your lungs into your abdomen & back out through your mouth again.

Get Outside the House 

We all have been stuck inside for so long, but we’re not robots. We are animals who require nature. Take short breaks outside without distractions. Maybe bring your tea and coffee outside and walk around for 10 minutes if you feel overwhelmed. Don’t bring your smartphone with you and take in your scenery.

Meet Your Loved Ones 

You must not isolate yourself. With COVID restrictions being lifted little by little, we have way more freedom to go out and about. Try to capitalize on them and meet your friends again. Grab some lunch together and catch up. It’s only healthy to stay in touch with your friends and they can help carry burdens you are having.

Mindfulness Exercises. 

They can truly help you see the positive in your darker times. You may feel the urge to break free of COVID restrictions and to just do whatever you want but a healthier use of this positive energy would be to use it creatively to individuate at home. Maybe find some dance lessons on YouTube and the internet or take up a new hobby. If the weather is good, do some finger painting or some such outside. Do something out of your ordinary that boosts and helps with any feelings of restlessness on this Full Moon.

Breathing Tips 

By breathing appropriately, you can trick your brain into feeling calm. If you are feeling tense or frustrated – try breathwork exercises that can help you calm down. 

Pick up a Routine

Try to start your day 1 hour earlier than normal to get some more extra time for you in the mornings. Maybe you can use this extra hour for a yoga practice or a nice stretch.

Most of us spend a good part of our lives putting ourselves first – and why not? But sometimes there’s a cosmic wakeup call that reminds us that all humans part of greater collective humanity. One of these powerful calls comes with an Aquarius Full Moon which we can see this July 23rd, 2021. 

In astrology, Full Moons question us to deal with the shadow aspects of the sign opposite to the Full lunar Moon. In this case, the Aquarius Moon brings out the shadow elements of Leo – which is a zodiac sign which can suffer from ego issues and attention-seeking. During this full Moon, try to look at your recent behavior. If you have been to demanding on yourself, then definitely now is the time to recognize that and to resolve to change it.

While it’s true that one human being alone cannot change the world, the Aquarius Moon is a valuable reminder that every single person can, and does, have a role to play in collective change.

On a more personal level, the Full Moon is a kind of energy that encourages radical change in our own lives. This Full Moon’s energy brings acceptance of the need for change, and the strength & maturity to carry it out.

Astrologically, the Aquarius Moon is also a time for letting go of old, outdated things. Maybe it’s a sign clean out your closet or your attic or clean out your attitudes & your prejudices. Perhaps upgrade your ten-year-old smartphone or learn a new piece of tech or learn a new language. This is all about staying current & not being stuck in the past.

Full Moon Meaning

A Full Moon occurs when the moon is opposite to the sun. These opposing mysterious forces can influence your life and can lead to internal tensions such as between what you want & what your soul needs.

During the time of a Full Moon, human emotions and intuition reach their peak. We will be likely to feel much more emotional & our intimate relationships come more into the center of our attention. This increased emotional power can help us deal with some challenges in our personal life or relationships. 

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