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The Universe is filled with wonder and many things beyond our understanding.  In order to gain guidance in your life, tapping into the power of symbols via Tarot or astrology may be a viable path for clarity.  Tarot cards have been used for both game play and spiritual guidance since the late 1400’s and astrology has been used far longer.

Tarot and astrology have been maligned as being “dark” or “evil” though when you are open to receiving what the Universe has to offer. You can begin to appreciate the enormity of how the powerful symbols embedded in the Tarot combined with the magic of Astrology can provide a pathway to self development.  We see symbols every day on TV, newspapers and on the streets but when our energy is not in line with the frequency of certain symbols we don’t absorb them.

Tarot symbols are archetypes. For detailed meanings of all the Tarot deck visit my Detailed Meanings of Tarot page.  Archetypes are defined as a model or image that others are patterned after.  In the metaphysical universe the patterned image is you and the archetypes arise in your life dependent upon the frequency of your vibrations and what your subconscious self needs or seeks.  When you have a tarot reading, it is intended to answer a specific question in your life.  The Tarot card chosen is in line with your vibration and can act as a spiritual guide.  If you draw the Chariot card as an example, The Chariot represents your life choices. Will you choose wisely & follow the right course ?. For a reading with one of my Top recommended Professional Tarot readers Click Here

Astrology works on the same vibrational principal that what you resonate with can be dictated by astrological alignment of the planets.  More than simply your zodiac sign or birth month, astrology is like the seasons of the year.  Every human has a birth through death cycle not only in the physical sense but in the spiritual sense.   As Earth rotates around the solar system, humans experience different “seasons” that are aligned with the stars.  In one season a person can feel immense love and the next the love fades or softens.  The symbols of astrology are like an ancient form of GPS for spiritual guidance.

Tapping into your astrological map will help you navigate the seasons of your life whether it is daily, monthly or life-long. Learning how to read the symbols will help you understand the road you have traveled and where the road is going and how to “feel” your way along those roads to reach a preferable destination.

If you are open to listening, reading and feeling what the Universe is saying, simply study the symbols in both Tarot and astrology as they pertain to you. Each person is unique and the same symbol for one person may not have the same significance for another.  Tarot and astrology have been in existence for centuries and longer.  Considered “dark” or “whacko” by many who don’t understand the vibrational connection to the Universe has recently tarnished a means of spiritual communication, though those who do understand the power use the energy to enhance their lives bringing peace and understanding to their daily lives.

I hope this finds you well, good luck on your journey

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