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Update: Many of you have said that my talking Tarot reading has given them valuable insight. Depending on your intention it can be used as a relationship Tarot spread or a general free online Tarot reading. Give it a go, it has been surprisingly popular, Thank You!

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An example relationship Tarot reading

When asked to perform love psychic readings there are many angles to consider. Both partners point of view should be addressed & my Relationship Tarot spread introduces a structure to the reading that generally gives insight to the questioner about their situation & how it relates to their partner & current life. Here is a quick look at a reading I recently completed for a young man from some notes in my Tarot journal …

We asked the deck the following questions, These are the cards that were revealed.

Your View of Your Partner : After shuffling the Tarot the outcome of the initial card was the Hierophant. I volunteered that maybe this lady liked structure in her life & was probably dropping heavy hints about formalising the relationship, possibly mentioning marriage. After much laughter the questioner confirmed this & mentioned the lady was from a formal religious background, again underlining a key aspect of the Hierophant Tarot card.

Your Partner’s View of You : Strength Tarot card, leo influence. The young lady involved sees the questioner as a strong, secure, protective partner. Amazingly the gentleman involved confirmed he was a Leo & told me his partner was a Virgo. Gentlemen rarely know their partners star sign so this impressed me no end !.

Your relationship Needs : King of Pentacles, this shows that the questioner is working hard to achieve a secure material background, Though he is down to earth this king definitely veers towards the better things in life & will work tirelessly to achieve the lifestyle he and his family deserves.

Your Partner’s relationship Needs : 10 of cups relationship Tarot card, this shows that the lady is not only aiming high but is after ‘living the dream’. The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card that embodies attainment & success, the harvest home, the rainbows end. In relationships this can symbolise that the questioner can now begin to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that the partnership is likely to become permanent.

The Current State of Your Relationship : Chariot in relationship Tarot can be complex,The winged symbol on the Chariot represents the male & female aspects of his persona & shows there may be a slight struggle as to which partner is aiming to take control of the reins of the Chariot & lead the course of the relationship. Time for honest open conversations here I feel.

The Path You Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow : 4 of pentacles relationship Tarot card appears, Whenever the Four appears challenges around relationship development are likely. Also probably concerns over expenses such as marriage & feathering the nest. I told the young gentleman to not think ” How can I possibly afford this wedding?”,  just to accept that by committed discussion the very best nuptials would manifest.

The Path Your Partner Would Like to See Your Relationship Follow : Eight Cups as a love Tarot card. This is a tricky one, as this relationship is obviously strong I took a chance and asked if there were previous relationships that were still causing problems. Thankfully it transpired that both partners had had challenging previous relationships. What was inspiring was that they had both laid their cards on the table & decided to talk through why these previous connections had floundered. This is a very enlightened way forward & can only result in the deepening of the current involvement as previous mistakes can be identified & avoided.

Aspects of Your Relationship to Consider : Tarot The Emperor as aspects to consider. Almost immediately I got the impression of a powerful father figure, symbolised by the Emperor. The young questioner confirmed that this was for sure the young lady’s father. A strong figure who had made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that he would not tolerate his daughter being messed about. Thankfully it transpired that this young man had so far done nothing but impress his prospective father in law & was pleased to have the gentleman on his side. It is obvious that the fathers authority must be respected, though it is vital that the questioner follows his independence as I am sure that will earn him more respect.

The Outcome : Ace of Wands as outcome shows these young lovers are developing a new way of interacting with each other & their world, they should genuinely allow themselves to be excited by these changes & embrace what looks like, from this reading anyway, to be an inspiring & satisfying partnership . The Ace of Wands is always an indicator of an extremely exciting time that sees life changing bursts of creative energy show the questioner which path to follow to create the life they are searching for…

I hope you enjoyed this example of a relationship reading. I hope you manifest all your desires, All my best, Paul

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