Blue Moon in Aquarius

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There is no denying the power of a full moon. Regardless of your sign, the full moon can have an effect on your feelings, emotions and desires.

The recent Full moon really shook a lot of people up !. Not only was it a so called ‘blue moon’, it was the second full moon to fall under the spell of the astrological sign of Aquarius which is a sign associated with thinking. Or, under the emotional stress of the Full Moon, over thinking . Many people scoff if you say you are affected by the moon but as the moon affects the tides why then should it not affect us ?, after all we are mostly comprised of water. I believe the pull of the moon can indeed stir up our emotions. During this time anxiety can run high & we can fall prey to constantly challenging our reality, and what we can do to improve our lot.

Identifying when we are anxious or stressed, caused by lunar activity or not, is one of the best things we can do to release ourselves from self defeating patterns of doubt that can hold us back in our daily lives. Now is the time to face our fears & strive to squash doubts & limiting beliefs or behaviours, to finally take control & live a more fulfilling existence.

In Tarot The Moon represents dreams & the subconscious, and therefore encourages us to discover the unknown.
I truly hope the recent lunar activity has left you in a happier space & wish you, as always, only the best …

Detailed meanings of Tarot – The Moon

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