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Ace of Wands

Tarot Ace of Wands

Light the touch paper!

Inspiration, Creativity, Spirituality

The Radix of the Powers of Fire

The fiery Ace of Wands manifests from a cloud bursting with creativity. Over the hills in the distance a small castle is your obvious destination. Can you control this burst of creativity, harness its power, make use of the new ideas before they overwhelm you?

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You are experiencing unbridled spiritual energy coursing through your psyche at this time. As with The Magician this card tells that you can bring anything to being through the sheer force of your will. You need to ensure that you remain enthusiastic & adventurous as soon you must grasp an energy or an idea that will lead you on a new adventure. Be courageous & reach within to harness the power that will drive you towards your new goal. Be aware of those around you that come under the power of the fire signs. Anyone who comes under the fire signs of Aries, Sagittarius or Leo will have energies that you need to acquire to drive you through this exciting phase. 

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The Ace of Wands often heralds the beginning of a new project, the start of a new course of learning. Your creative energy is peaking & anything to do with design or redecoration should be embraced with gusto. The Ace of wands symbolises the germination of a spiritual quest within yourself. You need to develop a mantra or chant to focus your mind when it begins to wander. You should be open to new experiences, an unexpected invitation from a colleague will surprise you & will open your mind to new & exciting avenues of enjoyment. As with all Aces the veil is temporarily drawn back to enable you to receive psychic messages from the higher realms. The Ace is to be acted on, you have the will to get things done, make the most of this power. You are developing a new way of interacting with your world, allow yourself to be excited by these new ideas.

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