22 Clues & all the fun of the fair….

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Are you searching for the perfect life ?. For the magic bullet to release you from the daily grind? Are you searching for that special person to show you the way? Well unfortunately I am here to tell you that nobody is going to show you how. Clues do exist though to show you your true path.

They are the 22 Clues

I stepped back in to each of the cards I created all those years ago. I challenged what I really believed, the secrets I had already forgotten. I needed to revisit the keys. The Major Arcana Cards, or greatest secrets. These most powerful archetypes form the backbone of the Tarot experience & provide major life lessons. These lessons may take several visits before the information is fully absorbed. When the questioner finally ‘gets’ it & begins to understand what is commonly recognised as ‘The Fool’s Journey, the changes can be immediate & life changing.

For example, someone I have been giving readings for a very long time repeatedly turns over the Devil card, The Lord of the Gates of Matter, The Child of the Forces of Time. Initially this persons readings revealed that she was a slave to her darker energies & had issues with procrastination, food and even addictions. This aspect of her personality, after much work on awareness, resolved itself. At our last meeting I was surprised to see The Devil prominent again. Now it transpired she had let her guard down & had become prone to the classic energies of this archetype. Temptation that had led her into a difficult relationship turned to obsession. When the relationship inevitably floundered the obsessive behaviour found a new focus, ambition & unscrupulous behaviour in the workplace became her new adrenaline rush. This resulted in her upsetting her work colleagues to the extent she had become excluded.

This is a powerful example of how each of the 22 Clues in Tarot need to be continually reviewed to maintain a happy balance. Tarot is increasingly being used by mainstream therapists. One of the things I have realised is that it is not viable to learn the lesson of each archetype in a linear fashion, from the Fool to the World. In fact in life all experience is happening simultaneously & each  Major card lesson must be continually reviewed to achieve a balanced fulfilling life.

All the fun of the fair …

I recently visited the seaside and as I always do on these occasions I visited a local psychic after searching psychic near me & of course the fortune telling machine on the pier. I have always been fascinated by the draw of the funfair gypsy & the ‘knows all sees all’ machine. Over many years of study I no longer personally identify with the ‘professional psychic’. My focus & expertise is Tarot. Thankfully this most ancient oracle is finally receiving recognition as a powerful tool for self realisation among many of the more mainstream therapeutic communities. From psychology to cognitive behavioural therapy these amazing keys are being used to develop rapport & unlock true potential as never before.

Many of the readings on my site draw on the visual references to the animatronic funfair fortuneteller. My Fortune Teller & related talking Tarot readings dispense truths from the Tarot and of course use my own personally designed Tarot deck from behind the disguise of the funfair amusement. I stepped inside each card as I created it to really absorb the nuances of Kabbalah, Numerology, Astrology and all the other doctrines contained therein.

Tarot is my life’s purpose, My journey that will never end. Now as I prepare to step in to this world again I am as excited, if not more so than when I was gifted my first deck on Glastonbury Tor over 30 years ago …

Join my journey along the Royal Road of Tarot experience & absorb these powerful archetypes. There are certain powerful secrets, keys to development that apply to everyones life journey. These are the 22 Clues.

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