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Can positive thinking really affect our reality?
In the metaphysical world the idea of an energy expanding beyond the confines of the physical body has been accepted as far as records exist. Recently science is beginning to accept that perhaps such phenomena can be validated. As someone who has been suggested to be dyslexic & even on the spectrum of autism, it is no surprise to me that individuals who are sensitive to auras could be ‘on the spectrum of emotional synaesthesia’ as recent science has started to investigate. I have long understood that the energy an individual emits has far greater impact than just on their immediate personal space. I was pondering this again whilst on a packed tube this morning & as I scanned the front pages around me announcing imminent war & the continuing natural disasters affecting our globe, it seemed even more obvious that every thought we put out, every bit of energy we emit, has far reaching effects in the global scheme of things.

The Butterfly effect
The classic idea that a butterfly flapping it’s wings may have far reaching atmospheric changes grew out of chaos theory. Increasingly I am beginning to believe that a positive global consciousness has a similar effect on global events. I am always interested in New Year predictions, Mayan theories included, that speak of a new order of consciousness that will embrace our planet at this moment in our development. As more & more people around the globe become interested & focus on the unfolding of global events, is this manifesting a global shift in our superconsciousness that is having a physical effect on our environments ?.

Can our immediate thoughts & actions have a direct effect on our reality & the world around us? If we imagine being on a tandem parachute with someone & they start cutting the cables supporting the canopy next to them, saying “it’s fine, it’s only on my side! “, is that not going to have a drastic impact on the development of our shared flight?  I think everyone is responsible for creating our global vibration.

Surely it is time now for everyone to realise that thought creates reality & the energy we emit has a direct effect. As you read this, just imagine arresting any self limiting or negative thoughts as they arise & trying to instantly turn them in to positivity. Imagine projecting positive energy in to your personal space as you interact with the world & those around you. There is no doubt that changes are occurring, increasingly I am noticing that many people are realising that the life they are living is not actually the life they desire. Many people arriving for. a psychic reading by phone are looking for pointers as to what they need to change now to manifest a different tomorrow. The only way to help people move towards their potential is to encourage them to leave behaviours & beliefs that no longer serve in the past, embrace new ideas & individuals that inspire them and move toward a more fulfilling existence.

Sending you loads of positive energy …

Paul O’Mara

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