What You Can Expect from the Year of Metal Ox

Chinese New Year
Chinese Horoscope 2021: What You Can Expect from the Year of Metal Ox?

Slow and steady is the energy of the Ox. After a challenging year the Ox brings perspective and balance. The Ox is physically strong, there is no doubt. This year is about dealing with challenges to the mind. How we process everything that has happened to us, what have we discovered after spending so much time with our thoughts.

The 2021 Chinese horoscope reveals the year of the metal Ox is related to discipline, loyalty and hard work. February 12 marks the start of the new year of the zodiac metal Ox. The second animal of the Chinese zodiac, the ox metal denotes the positivity & honesty that will be manifested in all of mankind in the next 12 months, according to developing transits around the Aquarius new moon.

In China, Ox is considered an animal of great strength that is associated with harvests & fertility. In years gone by, traditional people made an ox using mud & beat it with sticks as part of a new Chinese year ritual to celebrate the start of spring.

It was also thought that by placing a metal statue of an ox at the bottom of any river could prevent the country from flooding. The old Chinese art of feng shui, which harmonizes individuals with their environment using special energy forces, also regards the animal as auspicious, which has given the ox metal a good reputation for granting wishes.

The ox is considered as one of the most common animals in ancient proverbs. The imagery of this metal is overwhelmingly positive, portraying the animal with characteristics like diligence, gratitude & loyalty.

The Best Careers for Ox

The Ox is the symbol of hard work, Ox people always give their best and work hard at everything & stick to finishing their work. Possessing a responsible & serious attitude toward work, they can come up with unique approaches to their task.

With a keen eye for details & an admirable work ethic, the Ox people are extremely competent in careers like agriculture, manufacturing, mechanics, engineering, pharmacy, artistry, politics, real estate, interior design, art & painting, carpentry, or quarry work.

With a stubborn temperament, the Ox people find it effortless to bear stress & tension, and they’re reluctant to reveal their personalities to others. Proper relaxation & regular short trips will benefit the people associated with Ox.

Personality: Oxen Are Extremely Faithful, Obliging, Persistent, And Sympathetic

The faithful character of Ox people helps them to get trust from the leaders & friends. These people also possess talents to be great leaders and are extremely good at managing, but maybe a bit strict. Oxen like routines & respect traditional values and ideas, doing their things step by step. The persistence in their characters makes Ox people tireless workers.

They are likely to be self-made & insist that every individual should do their part while not putting up obstacles to others’ work. Ox people always try to keep just & fair, no matter in life or at office, and never let others down.

  • Strengths: Loyal, honest, extremely responsible, pretty hard-working, logical
  • Weaknesses: Less-talkative, stubborn, overcautious
  • Ox Men: Most Ox men are mature & have extremely strong sense of accountability, leaving a good impression on other individuals. Men with Chinese zodiac Ox metal signs lack a certain sense of humour & passion in life & sometimes they’re a little assertive & arrogant.
  • Ox Women: Women born in the year of the Ox metal are diligent & tolerant. They don’t like to talk too much, just remaining sincere to be a good and loyal friend. They are also extremely ethical & they don’t like to break any rules. But sometimes their stubborn nature can cause some conflicts. Ox women are also pretty industrious & thrifty in managing a household, and they make sure the smooth-running of their home.
  • Personality by Five Traditional Elements: Which Kind of ‘Ox’ Are You?

The elements, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Water, & Metal, all of them represent different personalities & characters of Oxen. See your types & personality traits in the chart given below.


Ox’s Personality by Blood Types

  • Blood Type O: At office or work, they like to face all the problems and difficulties alone & never ask for help until they fail. Being a loyal friend, they value friendship & will give a sincere hand to those friends in trouble.
  • Blood Type B: They have an extremely clever mind, thinking about a lot of unusual & brilliant ideas. But they are actually too shy to express themselves. However, once they express their talent, their performances become impressive.
  • Blood Type A: With a cautious mindset and character, their decisions usually come from a thorough thinking. And these people never give up halfway, starting well & ending well, which helps them to grow and win the trust.
  • Blood Type AB: With a strong personality, these people are selfless & adhere to principles. Thus, people with blood group AB seldom change their perceptions and views because of others’ thoughts.

Love Compatibility of the Ox

Want to learn more about your love compatibility with your partner? Below are the best and worst matches for the Ox.

Best Matches: Rat, Rooster, Snake

The best match of the Ox people is the Rat as these individuals can complement each other, while the Ox & the Snake have quite similar beliefs & are deeply attracted to each other. The Ox & the Rooster are easy to get along well with each other & find similar hobbies so that they can enjoy life together.

Bad Matches: Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Sheep

The Ox should be extremely cautious if meeting partners with zodiacs of Dragon, Tiger, Horse, & Sheep since they may have different values, & quarrels may be frequent in their daily life.

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