Black Obsidian the Psychic healing Stone

Black Obsidian Psychic Protection
Black obsidian protective stone

My latest acquisition is a gorgeous ring with Black Obsidian, bought to ground and balance me through a challenging though exciting period. Used for thousands of years in healing ceremonies and also in the traditional Japanese art of Feng Shui, Black Obsidian is prized for its healing properties and for the boundless secrets and mysteries that it can illuminate about not only a person’s inner feelings but also about the truth as it applies to humans, the planet and even the universe.
Black obsidian originates from volcanic eruptions, has a deep and highly reflective black color and also a smooth and almost mystical surface. It can be sharpened and has been used throughout history to make all sorts of different tools including cutting blades and the tips of arrows.
Black obsidian is also said to be able to cut through many metaphysical problems such as fear, mental blocks, lies and façades. Wearing a ring or holding some obsidian during a psychic phone tarot reading is a favourite among my best psychics. The wealth of information that can be revealed through the use of black obsidian means that it should be treated with reverence as it can reveal many of the darker, negative inner feelings that a person may have, feelings that may be blocking out the light from their life and holding them back.
The reason that it is so powerful is that it is born of one of the most powerful actions on the planet. When a volcano  erupts and its lava cools quickly black obsidian is formed.  This incredibly potent energy gives black obsidian a combination of the most powerful elements on the planet including fire, water and earth.
It is because of this that black obsidian can be used to help a person who needs to be more focused and grounded. If, for example, you tend to be the type of person who is very emotional and reacts to the people and events happening in your life on a highly emotional level, black obsidian can help to balance you, clear the fear out of your mind that is causing you to overreact and also help you to avoid distractions and calm other erratic and negative energies. Wearing black obsidian as a bracelet, and anklet or a ring can help to thus ground a person emotionally, keep them positive and confident and reduce their fears and doubts.
When it comes to Feng Shui black obsidian is nothing short of amazing. It provides the element of water that a person who lives in the in a northern hemisphere needs and also provides them a layer of protection in their home while drawing in any negative energy that might be around and keeping this negative energy from causing fear and doubt. It is due to this ability to absorb negative energy that any black obsidian that you own should be well taken care of and cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you are using the crystal in psychic readings.
If you’re keen on using black obsidian for Feng Shui  purposes in your home one of the easiest ways to do so is to keep a bowl of the stones in a prominent place. Tumbled stones in a glass bowl are best but you can use a small sphere of black obsidian as well.
Some believe that by looking into a piece of black obsidian in the right light they are able to see the images of their loved ones and pick up thoughts and vibrations as well as possibly see into the future. Obsidian Crystal Balls are said to provide powerful readings, especially around love matters. One thing is for certain; black obsidian is extremely powerful and should be used with care and respect.

I am certainly enjoying the feelings that my new black obsidian friend is providing, if you get the chance, give this beauty a try, the results could surprise you !

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