The Moon Tarot, dreams intuition & the subconscious

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The thing I love most about the Tarot is that every time you think you know all you need to know about a card, another layer of meaning is revealed. I am currently dodging lightning and monsoons in beautiful Sri Lanka. Yesterday was a Buddhist religious holiday, in fact as every full moon is a holiday this means that Sri Lanka enjoys at least one holiday a month, how fabulous is that ! . As I sit writing this by the pool keeping an eye on the crafty giant crows that have their sights set on my lunch, the Moon returns to my thoughts. Another layer of meaning for the Moon Tarot card begins to be revealed.

 The Moon & the subconscious mind

I slept fitfully last night as I always do at full moon and decided to place my Moon tarot card under my pillow to dream of its significance. The Moon card is connected to the subconscious and the corresponding Hebrew letter Qoph. This letter does in fact relate to the back of the head, therefore dreams and nocturnal intuition are linked to this letter and I truly believe this is why I have such crazy dreams under the spell of the full moon. Of course the Moon first appears in the Major Arcana sequence in the card of the High Priestess, herself the embodiment of intuition or information found just beyond the range of our normal senses. The moon has such a powerful pull over the tides and affects anything connected with water, the human body is comprised of a very high percentage of water, is it any surprise then that we are influenced by the Moon ?. The astrological sign of Pisces connects to Qoph which means that as lunar Water signs Pisces have an incredibly sensitive nature. Nocturnal fears often plague true Pisceans due to their connection to the Moon.

The Moon Tarot card appearance.

In traditional Tarot decks, The Moon has 32 beams which are highly significant and are thought to correspond to the 32 paths of wisdom hidden in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. You can try my Tree of Life Tarot Reading. The Yod symbols that fall from The Moon represent the metaphysical idea that everything is formed from the same source. Therefore everything is ultimately connected. The wolf and the dogs depicted on my Moon card are at first glance different one wild, one domesticated, though essentially they are derived from the same source and are both canine. The distant gateway formed by the Twin Towers indicates that we can ultimately move through dreams and intuition into our authentic reality. However this can only occur once we have learnt to control our intuition and face the nightmarish nocturnal challenges of The Moon. The image of the Wolf reflects as The Moon in the calm waters, again reinforcing the idea that everything emerges from the same pool of energy. The ultimate message of The Moon is that by connecting to your subconscious, by trusting your intuition and learning to guide your thoughts through cognitive dreaming, you can control your mind and create the reality you know you deserve. Will you continue to allow your subconscious to control you, or will you consciously strive to take control of your mind. This is the ultimate dilemma contained in the Moon Tarot card.

As always I wish you only success on your journey and truly hope you manifest everything you desire.

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