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Around the change of season & always at the full moon phase I am liable to bouts of insomnia. There is nothing worse than lying there at 4am with your partner blissfully in the arms of sleep, knowing that you have appointments looming in a few hours. It is true that the darkest hours are before the dawn, it is then that the howling wolves & prowling dogs of my Tarot card take over my mind. The Moon card always throws up feelings of insecurity, where the past returns to haunt you, you are unsure of where the future lies. The Moon card connects to your subconscious & brings through things that you need to deal with before you can progress to the next phase of development. Slightly half asleep surreal dreams surround the Moon card, if this occurs to you, write them down immediately on waking as there is almost always some intuitive advice to be gleaned. Interestingly The Golden Dawn title for the Moon card is Ruler of Flux and Reflux, Child of the Sons of the Mighty… Another reason for many a sleepless night, reflux, particularly horrible if you are afflicted believe me !.

Insomnia – My solution

After struggling recently with a period of sleeplessness, having tried hot baths, warm milk, relaxation & eventually sleeping tablets that left me feeling like a zombie, my doctor surprised me with some suggestions that I am putting in to practice with great results. Hypnosis has worked a treat, though waking up entangled in the earbuds can be a little disconcerting, the real eye-opener & totally unexpected suggestion, Feng Shui. Being open to anything I consulted a Feng Shui friend on if they had any ideas as to how Feng Shui could improve my sleep & the first thing they said was ; ” Just how much rubbish is under your bed ?”. Well I was shocked, ( and slightly embarrassed ), under there were long obsolete printers, myriad computer bits, miles of cables, old bank letters & even stuff going back to when I was at college !.

As you know the primary element of Feng Shui is to enable the positive energy or ‘Chi’ to flow freely through your environment, bringing success, happiness & prosperity whilst carrying away negative forces. Needless to say the energy field under our bed was a complete Chi ‘trap’ & no wonder I was spending some uncomfortably sleepless nights !

It is a long process as, much to the distaste of my long suffering partner, I find it hard to let certain things go. Being an Aries sometimes in my life I have locked the door & moved away leaving everything behind !. However this time there are many things, including belongings of friends no longer with us, that I am finding harder to let go. We are awaiting a delivery of a storage bed & I am on my way to de-cluttering & guess what ?, last night I slept like a baby !

Top tips to Feng Shui your bedroom – essential things that you might need to know
For those of you who are wondering what feng shui is, it is precisely a way of life which helps you organize your personal and work life and bring in prosperity and happiness. The idea is to make use of an ideal Feng Shui bedroom furnishing which brings about a balanced chi and this in turn is bound to bring a balance into the physical bodies of individuals. The end result is that you will have a good health and you will start noticing the recuction of illness or anxiety of any kind. When you plan on decorating using Feng Shui, make sure that you follow as many feng shui principles as you can to maintain the balance. This is often considered important because altering all areas will cause chi confusion and to avoid that, you need to alter only one or two areas at a time.
When you decide to start feng shui your home, you will also have to focus on where to start. This is because if you start at the wrong spot you are bound to get lost and hence taking assistance from the experts is always advised. Most people focus on getting themselves a Feng Shui bedroom first as it usually happens to be the most comfortable place in your house. There are several Feng Shui bedroom tips that you can make use of to have a better understanding of the concept and also to learn how things are done in these cases. One of the most important aspects that most people will stress on when it comes to Feng Shui bedroom is the lighting. For instance, if you have bright lights or a distracting light fixture, it could easily negate the feng shui effects.
Different levels of lighting are the first thing that one needs to focus on when working out a Feng Shui bedroom. It is obvious that being able to dim the lights can be useful in creating a warm atmosphere that brings calming effect and will automatically make the room a much more inviting haven for rest. Another important aspect of Feng Shui bedroom is keep out large work out equipment, televisions and computers. These things are distracting and do not signal peace in any way.
Following such small tips could help you with the Feng Shui bedroom atmosphere and you will definitely see a lot of change and surprising results once you accomplish these tasks. Clutter is also a bad influence in the Feng Shui bedroom and you need to prevent build up, especially under the bed. A cluttered space equates to a cluttered mind, and that is something you don’t want right now. The scattered piled up clutter and mess is said to create an energy trap, one which stagnates the flow of positive energy and this makes way for bad Chi.

As always I wish you all the best & may you always sleep like a baby !
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