Tarot the Four of Wands – Completed Work

four of wands tarot meaning

The Four of Wands.

The Lord of Perfected Work

The Four of Wands Tarot Card – Appearance
Through the Wands a Castle & Bridge are visible on the opposite river bank. A Garland held in place with bows indicates celebration & success in an undertaking.

Numerical Value: 4

The Four of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Four of Wands Tarot Card – Interpretation :
The Four of Wands – The Harvest home . Take time to enjoy the benefits of your exertions, spend some ‘ me’ time, best laid plans & the completion of a project can be hindered by you not allowing yourself time to fully recuperate from your exertions.  You are at a very innovative phase, you present a professional front.  You are entering a transitional phase, a bridge needs to be crossed, you need to refine a presentation or portfolio. Ideas must be polished & well presented. Romance is possible for the unattached through an unexpected meeting. You should spend time expanding your consciousness, reading & cultural pursuits will enhance your social life. You are attractive & gregarious now, visits to any form of entertainment venue will be worthwhile but should be tempered by an interest in developing a comfortable home enviroment in which you can relax & truly be yourself.  When you work together on a common goal, it will create more than the sum of its parts.The Four of Wands suggests a community effort that is more complete, and with more potential, than anything the individuals had envisioned on their own. A communal spirit is forming, and the consequences of your sober and important endeavor will have very far reaching effects.

The Four of Wands Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : Aries  –  Virgo

My Relationship with The Four of Wands
The Four of Wands for me always indicates the coming together of a phase, completion. Many factors merging to form a result that is far bigger than it’s individual components. A group is usually involved in a family or work enviroment, this group effort will have far reaching results, well above & beyond anything that I could have envisaged on my own. As an Aries I find it difficult to relinquish control & working in a group can cause problems for me. The Four reassures me that I can play well with others & leads me to expect a group involvement in an upcoming project.
The Four appears for me at the end of a period of extended work. Usually where the outcome is slightly disappointing, where the effort expended doesn’t correspond to the results. This card represents my abilities as an artist & designer, restores faith in my abilities & signals an innovative time approaching. The Four of Wands heralds a thirst for knowledge, a new learning curve. On several occasions I have found that this card tells me that I will need to use all of my charms in upcoming unexpected negotiations.

The situation is settled, reflect on your achievements.


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