Tarot The Devil – Escape the Darkness

the beast within

Before me an inverted pentagram formed from the smoke. Then from the flames he appeared, the curved horns, the disfigured face. The Devil, male & female symbols representing the Lovers seen in a previous card were visible. I sensed this couple had allowed him to invade their perfect union. The Devil now had the power… Continue reading Tarot The Devil – Escape the Darkness

Lammas the festival of the wheat harvest

Pagan Lammas The Pagan holiday of Lammas was observed this year on August 1. Also known as Lughnasadh, this is a celebration of the first harvests of fruits, vegetables, and particularly grain. Throughout history, Pagan worshipers from all over Europe have taken time out to offer up prayers and sacrifices to the Celtic god named… Continue reading Lammas the festival of the wheat harvest

Psychic Text Reading


My best psychics & clairvoyants provide fast confidential answers to your burning questions. Simply text and you will receive fast informative responses from your psychic advisor straight to your mobile. Text today, your answers are waiting. Psychic readings have been taken to a whole new level with SMS psychic readings, thanks to modern technology. Nowadays,… Continue reading Psychic Text Reading