Tarot & Magick

My father gave me the greatest gift, against his instincts he gave me this Tarot set as a small child & opened the Tarot door in my mind. I won’t pretend my childhood was completely rosy, the Tarot however revealed an endless alternative Universe of possibilities that I could escape to at any time. Tarot has become my life & I can never thank my parents enough for their support.

everyday is the most precious gift

My father was a typical Irish navvy, I know some people now find that term offensive but that was what he was. A manual labourer who worked incredibly hard. He was also catholic, so when Tarot took me prisoner & I became obsessed with Solitaire the Clairvoyant from Live & Let Die, Tales of the Unexpected & Doctor Terrors House of Horrors. My father struggled when I started bringing images of the Devil in to the house, there were a few celtic tantrums & extra rosary prayers I can tell you . Truth is he had a devil that lived inside him, as do we all, that story is for another time.

My mother on the other hand was over the moon when I became obsessed with Tarot & Magick. I used to cycle in to Glastonbury & sit around the Tor sketching archetypes for my first deck, my mother would always encourage me to give readings for her & her colourful friends.

Tarot has given me laser focus & a chance to mentally peek round corners. Focused thinking through the lens of Tarot is constantly revealing my joy. Today I am fulfilled, I had a major success yesterday that came with minimal drama. Inner peace & actually beginning to love your inner child, just a bit more everyday, is the most precious gift we can have.

Who would have thought such a journey could start from a few pennies at a car boot sale. 

Thanks dad, wherever you are, you are a legend.




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