take your medicine

tarot readings reveal secrets
⁣Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion

not talking about prescribed medicine, OBVS take that. I mean the medicine that is the treatment that enables you to take on the madness that happens between your ears. The fuel that ignites your passion, lets you take on the challenge of the day to day.

I have friends whose medicine is gardening, others crosswords, music, motorbikes.

Cats, crystals, gossip, dressing up as superheroes.

What is your spiritual medicine?

Whatever it is that puts you in the flow state, where time stands still, that really flicks your switches. The distraction that releases you from the internal voice, that is your medicine.

Anything that feeds the soul, enables us to nurture our authentic self. Any tool that lets us accept, understand and really love ourselves is the magic medicine that will ultimately set us free.

My medicine is Tarot, it lives in my memory, I can drip feed a dose any time I need. It is the gear change I need to switch me out of neutral, to help me keep myself the right side of happy.

Writing these mad ramblings has also become a beloved form of therapy, allowing me to escape the carnival in my head for just a short while.

What is your spiritual medicine? Are you getting a big enough dose?

Have a spectacular week, get out there & smash it.

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