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queen of pentacles Tarot Meaning

I need to get home more. In the madness of my daily life I need to remember to refresh my soul, restore my default setting, remember the baseline of existence that connects me to my true self. This image transports me back to where I spent chunks of my childhood, wandering the alleys of Psychic Glastonbury, visualising my first tarot deck, wondering at the magic of Avalon. I have lived in several places around the world & currently live in London. Though the metropolis can be hugely rewarding & massively inspirational, sometimes I need to fit in time to return home, connect to my roots & recharge my spiritual battery.

“The real you is always waiting, reconnect & restore, don’t get lost in the noise of the daily drama”

My mother passed away a few years ago & I spent a lot of time with her in Glastonbury reminiscing about simpler times. Though she appears on my World card & therefore permeates my thoughts on a daily basis, since she passed on I no longer visit as often as I should & am beginning to realise that home really is an important place in my puzzle.

Appreciate yourself, take a pause, listen to the whispers of your life from long ago. Take time to restore your default setting. The real you is always waiting, reconnect & restore, don’t get lost in the noise of the daily drama.

Card of the day – Temperance

A challenge at soul DNA level is coming your way

Temperance reveals soul mysteries, it is a really important point on the Royal Road of Tarot. You have to accept & understand yourself from here on in, you don’t really have a choice.

You may feel unstable, recent events have been a seismic shift. You will be surprised at how ready you are and how much preparation you have already done. 

Reassess your life, release anything that does not nurture or inspire you, enjoy everything else in moderation. 

The Angel has been waiting for you. The life of your widest dreams is just outside your imagination

Temperance Affirmation

This is your initiation to the true mystery of Tarot. The Future & the past simultaneously. These symbols hold true for eternity. All knowledge is hidden here. 

The energy between the cups is the present, the only place where you can truly make a difference.

Sagittarius, masculine mutable fire energy allows you to always hit your target.

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