Temper, temper

the Devil & the Angel of Temperance

Tarot today our old friend the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub. I’ll admit, on my endless journey through the greater secrets, The Major Arcana, the Devil is my Achilles heel. As an Aries Horse, obsessive creative Celtic – to use just some of my enabling excuses, I have to be careful to keep my temper under… Continue reading Temper, temper

Breathe, reconnect, reassess, recharge

B R E A T H E – As we enter that no man’s land of the holiday period I truly hope you find time to re-connect to what is truly important. Family, friends, love, health. For me it is often just the opportunity to be me, off the clock, no agenda. I hope this… Continue reading Breathe, reconnect, reassess, recharge

Feeling Fragmented?

Fragmented – Yesterday I gave some readings. Boy people were frazzled – One lady in particular (turns to she was a Gemini, some people would say dual personality already 🙂 Was so fragmented I didn’t need a Tarot deck, I needed a shot of valium. She was a donkey on the edge. Fragmentation is so… Continue reading Feeling Fragmented?

Karma – What will you put in the mix?

Tarot today – Karma – Here come the avalanche of “This year has got to be better” New Years Resolutions. What have you added or taken away from the recipe to receive a different cake next year “Karma doesn’t have a menu, you get served what you deserve” As the saying goes, Karma doesn’t have… Continue reading Karma – What will you put in the mix?

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

“A dream is not reality, but who's to say which is which?” ― Alice Through the Looking Glass

Do less, better Tarot today – White Rabbit – “The hurrier I go, The behinder I get.” – Time to let go. When circumstances conspire to make life seem impossible I always reflect on my old friend the White Rabbit from my favourite vintage Alice deck. He is always nervous & in a hurry. I… Continue reading The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

Believe in Yourself

Tarot today – Judgement Hear the call. As a tarot reader you get a pretty good overview of how life is for people, a snapshot of the general zeitgeist of the moment. When some of the scarier cards, like Judgement shown here, appear you have to tailor your reading to deliver the message without letting the… Continue reading Believe in Yourself

You think you have time…


#omaratarot This week I’ve been thinking about time. We all have a limited resource of time during our current existence, we really need to spend more of it scrolling through social media. BAM! if you’ve read this far I’m not having a go, I’m as bad as anyone, my phone reports to me every week… Continue reading You think you have time…