Angel or Devil?

Demon Devil or Sexy Angel Where’s your head at today? I’m pretty damn fine, thank you for asking Tried my free talking Tarot yet? Shuffle & select, Which card is waiting for you? Choose Your Card – Shuffle, select & reveal – Here Have a devil of a day 🃏 – 👿 – 😇 –

The Truth in Tarot cards

Always the same question, “How do Tarot cards work?” The young lady in front of me quizzical, skeptical & a little on edge. My answer, always the same, “Tarot has no inherent power, they are just 78 painted pasteboards. The ‘power’ comes from the age old wisdom contained in the symbols, combined with my skill… Continue reading The Truth in Tarot cards

Tarot, The Emperor – The Fiery Mind

Emperor Detailed Tarot Meaning His power is overwhelming. The ram of Aries. The orb and the ankh reinforcing his authority. His voice permeated my mind “I am the ultimate power of four. The YOD HE VAU HE . The four suits, the four seasons. I am earth air, fire and water.  I tried to hold… Continue reading Tarot, The Emperor – The Fiery Mind