Crystal healing with Kyanite

the power of kyanite
Kyanite is an excellent stone for meditation and spiritual development.

Moldavite was my first experience of a crystal that I believed was resonating with me, You can read all about that in my in my previous post here > Moldavite the Stone of Transformation. <

I have recently had a total hip replacement & complications. Obviously I am following my surgeon’s & physios advice to the letter, I have though again delved again in to the magical power of crystals and alternative therapies. After consulting with a crystal specialist I was advised to try Blue Kyanite to help with the healing of my surgery. Now, no matter what you think, ( my partner simply rolled his eyes as I placed the large stone I have just purchased next to my new hip ), this is my experience of Kyanite.

Almost immediately I felt a coldness flood through my new hip & honestly began to feel attuned to the vibrations of the stone. Now it may be imagination but I feel the pain easing & the stone has now become warm to the touch.

After some research I have found that Kyanite is the perfect crystal for Aries & is supposed to help with visualisation & positivity. As after my complications a lot of my issues are psychological, I am pleased to discover that kyanite is a powerful metaphysical crystal that helps with not only physical, but also psychological healing.

Kyanite Composition

Kyanite is a fusion of silicon, aluminium and oxygen, these elements are supposed to enable you to connect to higher frequencies & expand consciousness. As a crystal that is said to align the chakras and resist negative energies, meaning that it never needs cleaning. Kyanite is the perfect crystal to move through blocks & encourage yin-yang energy.

Kyanite Healing

Even though I have acquired kyanite for it’s supposed healing qualities & prevention of infection, it is supposed to connect to the throat chakra, encouraging you to accept any blockages, say exactly how you feel and move on from any current conditions. This crystal also encourages perseverance to get through any challenges & is also said to enhance dreams & psychic ability. I will have to wait to see if these last aspects manifest for me, but I certainly intend to take my new blue friend to bed with me to find out !.

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