Supermoon July 12th 2014 – What does it mean for you ?

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total lunar eclipse also known as a “Blood Moon"

Get ready! The next Supermoon is close at hand. This is a very rare occurrence in which a new, Full Moon orbits the earth at its closest point. The moon will appear some 14% larger and some 30% brighter in the nighttime sky than at any other time of the year. With all of the scientific knowledge on file about how the moon affects the ocean’s tides and the emotional states of man and beast alike, this rare phenomenon might produce some rather dramatic cosmic events around the globe.

Natural Disasters?

In March of 2011, the world witnessed a Supermoon that orbited the earth at its closest point in over 19 years. Strangely enough, it was around this same time that New Zealand and Japan fell victim to a series of devastating earthquakes and resulting tsunamis. Was the Supermoon to blame? Many scientists and astrologers are still debating this odd coincidence.

Scientific documentation proves that the moon’s gravity can manipulate the tides on a daily basis. And many are beginning to research its effects on the world’s fault lines and volcanoes. Some of the more alarmist websites and blogs are predicting everything from the eruption of Yellowstone Park, which is basically one huge, dormant volcano, to the shifting of the earth’s crust at several locations around the world, causing massive earthquakes, devastating tsunamis, global panic, and total worldwide chaos.

Harness the Positive Energy of the New Supermoon

Although this phenomenon is rare, it is actually more common than we might think. Approximately every 14th Full Moon will be a Supermoon, or one moon per every 412 days. So, if the “end of the world” scenarios were to actually have some basis in fact, we would have a long history of documentation of the world falling apart every 14 months. Luckily, this is not the case.

Rather than worry about the extinction of humanity, why not focus on the more positive aspects of receiving all of this extra energy from the coming Supermoon instead? Energy of any kind can have both positive and negative consequences. It is all in how we use it. Electricity is energy. Used in the proper way, it can light rooms and keep our food from spoiling. Used negatively, and we can kill or accidentally harm ourselves or someone else.

The perfect time to meditate: Meditation is a wonderful way to re-energize the psyche and quiet the mind. And what better time to meditate than when the moon is pulsating all of that extra cosmic energy in our direction?
A telephone tarot reading can reveal the perfect time to “make a change”: Is there some goal or objective that you have been wanting to achieve? Is there some new task that you want to complete? Do you want to find a new job? Are you looking for your one, true love? Do you want to quit smoking? Use the power of the Supermoon to infuse these dreams with new energy and jump start your unfulfilled dreams.
The perfect time to create a new vision: Before your midnight meditation on July 12th, take the time to do a bit of introspective dialogue about the current state of your life. Are you doing enough to help others by giving back to your community? Are you being positive and supportive to those you love? Have you lost direction in your career or spiritual relationship? Use the power of the Supermoon to reflect on the past and formulate a new vision for the future. People searching for tarot card reading near me often land on my pages & many people are interested in the Moon card & what is means for them. Often they think this is a dark one, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is a time to celebrate, not to be fearful. Channel this extra energy into those aspects of your life where you need a little extra help. Think positive thoughts in the days before and after July 12th, for the effects of the next Supermoon will rise and fall gradually during that week. This is a wonderful time to be alive. Make the best of this opportunity.

The Moon has great significance to me & is of course one of the Major Arcana in Tarot :

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